#PehchaanKaRung DVC – AkzoNobel Pakistan celebrates 75 years of Independence with the colour of patriotism, starring Film Actor ‘Babar Ali’

#PehchaanKaRung DVC – Akzo Nobel Pakistan celebrates 75 years of Independence with the colour of patriotism, starring Film Actor ‘Babar Ali’

Pakistan is the land of colors, passion, hopes, and dreams, and what unifies us as a nation is the love for our country and the spirit of patriotism, regardless of ethnicity and cultures.

Over the decades, AkzoNobel Pakistan has made a genuine, ever-lasting difference in the country and now to celebrate the 75 years of independence, they have launched a campaign known as #PehchaanKaRung. This DVC makes us realize the significance of what binds and unites Pakistanis as a nation. The objective is to raise awareness so that youth understand the value of quality work, and their rights and duties, whether it’s in the official or informal sectors. And to take an active part in moulding the country’s future.

Releasing close to Independence Day, in a time when people’s passion and motivation knows no bounds, this campaign will accentuate that feeling, really making you see the 75 years of freedom and glory, sacrifice, and patriotism playing like a reel infront of you. It makes us dream of a better tomorrow, and inspires us to be courageous and stand tall, united as a nation.

As a responsible corporate, AkzoNobel is highly committed to contribute to the sustainable future of Pakistan. This heartwarming DVC, #PehchaanKaRung, launched by the company stars Pakistan’s heart-throb Babar Ali, and reinforces that homeland comes before home and will always be the biggest part of every Pakistani’s identity. The campaign, narrated through the lens of a young architect urges the youth of today to realize their responsibility and contribute to the progress of Pakistan.

The company encourages youth to take active part in the betterment of the country. The youth’s responsibility is merely to replenish, refresh, and sustain. Youth can help to rejuvenate and refresh the existing state of our society via leadership, creativity, and skill. The youth are expected to develop contemporary technologies, excel and bring finesse to education, structure to politics, and peace to national harmony.

AkzoNobel understands the significance of colour in our lives. Homes are much more than just walls; they represent identity, respect, feelings, and treasured memories. Dulux Paints has been an intrinsic part of every family’s life in Pakistan for over five decades. Dulux’s over 2,000 brilliant colours have been guarding the inside and outside of homes while also bringing colour into the lives of families.

For decades, these vibrant colours have been coloring our identity as individuals and families. And as we approach the historic 75 years of Independence, let us celebrate our identity as responsible citizens in green and white, and contribute to the future of our beloved Pakistan.

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