‘Say Whatever He Wants’, ACC Responds To Zaka Ashraf’s Remarks On Hybrid Model

ACC responds Zaka Ashraf's remarks

ACC responds to Zaka Ashraf’s remarks on the hybrid model. Zaka Ashraf is a highly potential upcoming chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board.

A few days ago, Najam Sethi resigns from the PCB chairman race due to political impact and Zaka Ashraf got the opportunity to secure his spot.

ACC Responds To Zaka Ashraf's Remarks On Hybrid Model
Source: Aaj English TV

In his recent conference, he showcased his disappointment over the hybrid model and claimed it’s a losing situation for Pakistan.

In response, the Asia Cricket Council governing body for cricket in Asia has affirmed its support for the accepted model and dismissed Ashraf’s concerns.

ACC Responds To Zaka Ashraf’s Remarks

As per the official reports by the Hindustan Times, “The Asia Cup model has been accepted by ACC and there would be no change. Ashraf is free to say whatever he wants.”

ACC Responds To Zaka Ashraf's Remarks On Hybrid Model
Source: Times of India

During the press conference, Zaka Ashraf once again talked about the hybrid model and his disapproval of the proposal.

“I had already rejected the hybrid model for the Asia Cup because I don’t agree with it. It is an injustice to Pakistan. It is not right to hold main matches outside Pakistan. Being the hosts, the complete event should take place at home,” Ashraf said while talking to the media in Islamabad.

Will Try To Take the Best Decision, Zaka Ashraf

Pointing out that not having access to the information reverts the decision. He showcased his disapproval of the decision.

ACC Responds To Zaka Ashraf's Remarks On Hybrid Model
Source: Crictoday

He further stated that “I don’t know what decision the previous management had taken as I don’t have access to the information regarding it. I will go and see, and will try to take the best decision for the country in the shortest time possible.”

ACC and BCCI accepted the hybrid model after months of negotiation. It’s a big thing that kept the Asia Cup 2023 hopes alive.

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