Here’s A Befitting Response To All Those Who Take “Rape” And “Harassment” Of Women Lightly

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My story begins with another story I read on Parhlo about two minutes ago, after which I, unfortunately, decided to open the comments section of the article.

I kid you not, there had been a comment saying, “here we go, yet another rape article by Parhlo” I have not seen this many whining little boys since I was in preschool and we watched Bambi together one unfortunate day.

I’m not entirely sure why I’m writing this but out of pure spite for these “manly” men who are disgusted by the discussion of rape, who feel that rather than talking about it, women shouldn’t go outside or have social lives. Darling, let me remind you! We are living in a constantly evolving state where you will be subjected to seeing the beauty around town and you need to act as a decent human being.

Now, to the argument where boys who spend 20 hours a day watching porn declare that women should be dressed modestly or stay inside. Let me tell you a little something what we learned in 10th grade Islamiat.

Source: Nibras’s Blog

Men are first ordered to lower their gaze and guard their own modesty then the command follows suit for women. So the thing is – and this is vital, so stay with me with your attention span of a goldfish – LOWER YOUR FREAKING GAZE, if you little perverse, wannabe molvis can’t see us, how do you know if we’re dressed inappropriately?

See, I would call all of you a wambulance for all of your cries but the traffic is already blocked in every part of this country by drivers who think they know better than the guy in front of them. So there’d be no use because we’d have to call them a wambulance as well.

Anyway, let me ask you something, all the examples where women are compared to banks and unwrapped candy if you can honestly compare a human being to an inanimate object then there is something wrong with your belief system, not the girl with her Kurti above her knees. STOP VICTIM BLAMING.

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Furthermore, if that still doesn’t shame you into stopping the objectification and harassment of women, just think of all of us as your mother or sister. I’ve seen how defensive boys get over this stuff and it is honestly hilarious to watch the hypocrisy. A second ago you wanted to do the deed with a girl on the street, but if that girl were to be your pretty little sister and I said that about her, you’d probably make a (failed) attempt at fighting me.

If you need to be taught not to rape, if no does not “really” mean no for you, if you continue after there are clear signs of distress then please see a psychiatrist, I can recommend a good one if you need one. Just stop.

And to girls who have had horrifying experiences, please share. Trust me when I say it will make you feel better knowing that your story is out there, that you can find comfort in the fact that someone has faced something similar or that what happened to you was real and terrible but you can now come to terms with it.

Lastly, if you don’t want to see something, don’t read the article, spend that time feeding the hungry, or talking to your mom, or getting hit by a car. The possibilities are endless people.

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