This Girl Narrates Her Story Of Belonging To A Traditional Family, And The Darkness That Often Prevails It

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Posting as written by the Girl Herself.

I am Salma Aziz(a fictitious name). I was born in a Sindhi family. Moreover, like most of the traditional families, there were many restrictions for girls in my family too. I was a passionate girl with an immense amount of talent & wanted to do something big for my family & to make a doorway for girls like me.

I was a bright student since my school days. Scored high positions in my college & was highly appreciated by all of my teachers throughout my career. Enrolled in a reputed University and continued my studies with dedication. I was persistent to make a difference, and this forced my family to allow me to do a job.

As they say, you never know when your life takes a u-turn & suddenly all your life goes upside down. Well, this was my moment. Someone took pictures of me, edited it on Photoshop & started blackmailing me on WhatsApp. On the other hand with the help of my family, I started an NGO for girls.

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There was a donor whom I felt interested in. Falling in love was my biggest mistake. However, I was left with a question: Is falling in love a bad thing for me? To cut it short, he left. Still, don’t know why. Meanwhile, on the other hand, this blackmailer came back from the dead. This time those pictures reached my home. My family was very upset with me. I felt like I was in a living hell.

The decision was made against me, and as usual just because I was a girl, no one listened or supported me. I was imprisoned in a dark room for four straight months. I pleaded for help. I begged, but no one listened. Even that person who show interest in me turned a blind eye to me.

Only I know how I spent those four months in my “prison”. The hardships, the nightmares still haunt me. Even the blackmailer was found, and sadly he was my cousin. Leaving all the things behind, I am successful now. Working in a multinational firm & moreover running a school for girls. I am still socially active & now being more careful about whom I add on Facebook.

However, now I am a confident woman who has a firm belief on Allah Subhan wa ta’ala. Moreover, now I do not fear people, and even though no one is still with me, deep down I know my Allah is with me all the time.

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