A Pakistani Photoshop Artist Edits A Girl's Picture And The Result Is Worth Looking At!

A Pakistani Photoshop Artist Edited A Girl’s Picture And The Result Is Mindblowing!

They say “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” and it might be true to a certain extent. It is such a subjective idea that is majorly controlled by what you’re used to looking at, that it is hard to objectively define what you find beautiful and what you don’t.

Apart from the dominant Western standards of beauty, Pakistanis and Indian are driven by features that don’t match the stereotypical features of the area. They look for lighter tones and colored eyes. They look for sharp and pointed features as well.

It is very easy to analyze where those particular standards of “real beauty” come from. Some of them stem from the low self respect attached with dark skin while others have been influenced by the dominant American media that most of us consume.

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This beautiful lady, Esther Honig, a journalist based in Kansas City, USA sent her profile to photoshop specialists in 25 different countries to alter according to their own beauty standards. The results are pretty fantastic

Morocco Made Her Wear the Hijab

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While the Indian Photoshop Artist Made it Look Like They Were Using the Software for the First Time in their Life

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This is what the Bangladeshi Artist Made Her

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But the Pakistani Artist Won the Show with their Amazing Skills

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Note how he didn’t try to keep her skin white but added a depth of brown that made her look so good!

Seems Like the Philippines Artist Did Not Understand the Rules  – The Picture Is Exactly Like The Original One

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Which one won it for you? Let us know in the comments!

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