They’re Not Disabled, They’re Just Differently Abled – A New Perspective

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Given the mindset of our society, they do not fully accept those children who are born with a disability. Sometimes, when parents see the proof in front of their eyes, that their child is different from normal children; they still do not want to believe it. In reality, these kinds of children are differently abled, not disabled. Yes, they do have a certain disability, but they are more talented in other ways.

There are different kinds of disabilities found in children when they are born or at an early age. For example: down syndrome, autism, blindness, deaf, intellectual disability, learning disabilities and few others. When these disabilities are identified, parents are given instructions by the doctors on how to train them, work with them and improve these children.

Also, there are special institutions for these children where the professional teachers and volunteers take proper care of these children, educate them and train them. With proper care and training, these children grow up to be talented in different ways.

Source: The Ponty Chadha Foundation

If parents remain aloof and ignore the symptoms of disabilities, eventually they don’t understand what has happened to their child. In this way, the child suffers even more. These children are left alone or are given up for adoption or are left at those special institutes for these children.

Source: Indiana Drones Project – blogger

Every child needs love and care from their parents and family, but these children rarely receive the love and care they need. It has been observed that they are neglected by their family and parents just because of their disability. Parents do not have enough patience to nourish, nurture and raise them with extra love and care. These children are not at fault for the way they were born and neither those parents.

We are all, the creation of Allah and Allah has made us the way we are. Everyone is different and should be loved the way they are. These children are a blessing but people treat them as if they are nothing.

Once you start understanding these differently abled children, spend time with them and love them for who they are. They will love you back even more in their own way. They will get attached to you quickly. Our society perceives them as ugly children but they are not. They have the purest heart and soul. They just take extra time to learn and perceive things differently.

So let’s start treating these children with extra love and care. The perception of the society will change when we ourselves change our perception. These children are differently abled and they can do wonders. They can do those things that normal people cannot. They are a part of our society and should be treated with respect and patience.

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