5 Incredible Ways To Celebrate Independence Day This Year

Today, if you are to step out into the streets of any city in Pakistan, you’ll find a bright combination of the colors green and white.

From the vendors in the streets selling badges, flags, etc. to people to the latter decorating their cars by tying flags to the bonnets and hanging them from their windows in their homes, nothing arouses patriotism like the 14th of August, the day on which the country we’re living in today was created. The day we were able to find a home for ourselves, a place where we could practice our religion without feeling any sort of fear.

What have you decided to do on this 14th August? The day that is arguably the most important in the history of Pakistan? In case you haven’t decided yet, here are 3 ways you can celebrate this 14th August which are worthy enough to show to the importance of our Independence Day!

1. Be part of a parade!

source: YouTube

source: YouTube

What better way to show off your love for Pakistan than by being part of a crowd of people that have the same enthusiasm are you? Joy is contagious and in a group of Pakistanis, it spreads like wildfire! 14th August parades happen not just in Pakistan but all over the world.

Even if you don’t know of a parade that’s occurring in your town or area, make your own! Get a group of your friends and show your love for Pakistan by forming your own parade and making your way through the city.

2. Spend your day with the ones you love

source: telegraph.co.uk

source: telegraph.co.uk

In this day and age, everyone is busy. Work, school, office- there are a huge number of reasons for it. Chances are that the only day you get to spend at home is Sunday. One day a week is not enough time for you to spend with your family so you need to grasp whatever time you have to show your children how much you love them. Even if it’s just staying at home, spending the day with them by teaching them the importance of 14th August in a fun and simple way should be the goal of every parent on 14th August.

An example of that is the beautiful video below, where a family is celebrating the joy of independence with something as simple yet amazing as ice-cream.

3. Wear the national colors, green and white

source: Pinterest

source: Pinterest

No matter where you go and whatever you do, make sure to wear the colors green and white. They aren’t just colors present on a flag. They represent the different religions and cultures that make up Pakistan and show that it is a place where everyone is accepted regardless of class, race, creed, or religion.

4. Show Your Gratitude To The Army

source: shugal.com

source: shugal.com

Even on the day of Independence when most of us are at sitting comfortably in our homes, people from our armed forces are all over the country, working to protect us from threats that we don’t even know about. Use this day as a reason to show your gratitude to them. If you see someone from the military standing guard somewhere, stop and tell them that you recognize their efforts for this country. Trust me, it’ll make their day.

And most importantly,

5. Love Pakistan for the rest of the year as well


source: rediff.com

Pakistan has gone through a lot and still is. No matter what the nation has endured, it has never given up. But this can’t keep happening forever. We can’t just leave the country to fend for itself for the entire year and just show our love for it on one out of 365 days. If we continue having the same amount of enthusiasm after the 14th, Pakistan won’t just survive- it will flourish like never before.

If we continue having the same amount of enthusiasm after the 14th, Pakistan won’t just survive- it will flourish like never before.

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