1st STEM School With A Concept-Based Curriculum!

1st STEM School

Pakistan will soon be the 5th largest country by population, but it will need to become much more competitive in the world of science, technology, arts, engineering, and mathematics to even come close to the 5th place in education and claim its rightful place in the world community. For the country to rise to new heights, it needs to raise a workforce that is a notch above and that takes a generation to build. That workforce comes from the masses, not the few, and for that to happen we need to change the narrative about what that education looks like.


For the next generation, a good education is no longer about memorization, but all about teaching one to think and solve problems since they will be facing challenges that have never been faced before – global water shortages, climate change, overpopulation, and food scarcity. So we started by asking questions about how we want to serve the country, parents, teachers and most importantly – the students. Can we give a premium education experience at an affordable price? Can we make the parents believe that their child’s foundation is being built so it can withstand anything the world throws at them? Can we make the teachers believe that they can deliver a great quality experience? Can we have the students wonder about what they will learn next? Can we motivate teachers and make this a place where everyone wants to teach?


For SOAR STEM Schools, the answer was “we must” no matter how hard it is. We believe it is our duty and our calling to make sure we leave the next generation better off than the previous one. Can we really do that? Yes, we can and that is why we’ve built SOAR from scratch. SOAR Curriculum has been built by the best IB professionals, crafted for all educational standards. We will set their foundation for STEM. We will teach students how to confidently speak and communicate, be creative in arts and music, and innovative in science and engineering. Most importantly, we will encourage children to find their path, whatever that path may be.


Today the STEM force covers a wide and diverse range of jobs ranging from scientific and technical to safety and education. Many of our students will work in STEM jobs that have not even been imagined. The many benefits of STEM education will be obvious regardless of the future career a student chooses.

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