Seen From Satellite, Iran Builds ‘Mass Graves’ For Coronavirus Victims!

Satellite images from Iran show mass graves in the city of Qom to accommodate the spiralling number of coronavirus victims. With this latest development, it seems like Iran’s coronavirus epidemic is even more serious than the authorities are admitting.

Experts who spoke to the Washington Post said there are signs that the new 300ft trenches were dug for the many virus victims who have died in the city.  In addition, videos which have circulated on social media appear to show people confirming that the graves are being used for coronavirus patients.

Work on the mass grave at the Behesht-e Masoumeh cemetery in Qom began on February 21. Just days after the first case was recorded in the country. More than 10,000 cases have been confirmed, with 420 deaths recorded. The Washington Post also reports that more than 250 coronavirus victims have already been buried at the site.

The analyst also suggested that a white substance which was piled up next to the graves could be a supply of lime which is sometimes used in mass graves.

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Source: Maxar Technologies

Testing for the virus takes time which is delaying burials and creating a pile up of bodies at the morgue. Behesht-e Masoumeh morgue director, Ali Ramezani said in a report on Iranian state TV, IRIB.

“What we are dealing with is how to handle the bodies of coronavirus victims versus non-coronavirus victims as the instructions for burial are different,” said Ramezani. He further added, “Some families prefer that we keep their deceased, for a day or two, until their test results are completed”.
“And if the results come back negative, then there is no need to treat the deceased according to guidelines outlined for coronavirus victims. The family can bury the deceased wherever they have planned to bury them,” he said.

Iran lying about the actual figures of coronavirus cases

Iran is one of the worst-hit countries after China and Italy with more than 10,000 infected people. And, over 429 dead due to the coronavirus. There are concerns that the number of infections is much higher than the cases confirmed by the government so far.

Moreover, there have been numerous reports about Iran lying about the actual figures of coronavirus cases. However, the deputy health minister, Iraj Harirchi, held a press conference to ‘categorically deny’ the allegations. But, he was clearly sweating and coughing as he did so. The next day, Harirchi confirmed that he had tested positive for the Covid-19 virus.

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Reportedly, Iran is also facing a shortage of medical kits. Tehran has asked for more N95 face masks, ventilators, surgical gowns, testing kits, portable digital X-ray machines and other medical supplies. The World Health Organization recently sent Iran a shipment of medical gear via cargo plane. It includes 1,100 kits that can test more than 1,05,000 people for the virus.

Qom was where the virus first reached Iran last month. The country has since become one of the world’s worst hotspots.

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