12 Real-Life Struggles Of A Short Girl In A World Full Of Tall People!

Being a short girl doesn’t seem like a stroll in the park. Sure, they look all cute and cuddly (I love hugging short people, jbtw), but when you are surrounded by people who are shorter than you, pretending to be their bodyguard would be a fitting description.

Another fitting description they fall under is, “Chota packet, bara dhamaka“. Most of these shorties look so cute and innocent, you will surely start believing in ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ once you start getting to know them.

Asking the struggles of short girls in their daily routines and what they really have to go through, here are the top 8 struggles they shared:

1. “People Automatically Assume You’re Younger Than Your Age”

Because of their short height, they automatically fit the bill of being of being younger than their real age. While most of the women may see this as an advantage (hehehe), you definitely don’t want your bae to be thinking he’s dating a child and violating child abuse laws.

Hanging out with a tall friend automatically means she must be older than the shortie.

2. “We Don’t Have To Worry If There Isn’t Enough Space In The Car”

Because they can fit anywhere.

When carpooling, shorties can always sit on their friend’s lap and not even worry about bending their backs because well, they never reach the roof of the vehicle anyway. Same is the case when girls fill a rikshaw ride. Shortie can fit anywhere. It’s not even an issue…

3. “Taking Selfies In Groups/Tall People Is The Real Deal”

While taller ones need to bend for shorter ones, shorter ones just need to make sure they are there in the frame.

4. “The Size Of Our Feet Is Usually The Size Of A Taller Person’s Hand”

The chota packet, bara dhamaka has everything chota.

5. “Dancing Becomes Awkward Sometimes…Or A Number Of Times”

When dancing in a group of people, they might ignore all your sassy grooves because you are not even visible to them as such. On the other hand, you always have to be in the lead of a prepared group dance (regardless of how good or bad your dancing skills are) because taller ones go behind and shorter ones have to be upfront.

6. “Tiddi”

Desi universal nickname of short girls is ‘tiddi’. No matter where you go, no matter how old you are, ‘tiddi’ will forever be your nickname.

7. “Walking Fast Is A Prominent Struggle”

Because their legs are really small…

8. “No Body Takes Us Seriously Because We Are Small And Look Innocent”

Buzzfeed India

Buzzfeed India

Well, they are literally the little mischievous people. :p

9. “Children Taller Than Us Bully Us On Our Heights”


10. “It Is Normal For Us To Stand On Tiptoes”

If you have a short friend, notice how often they tiptoe. It IS their natural heels.

11. “Driving Means Our Seats Have To Be REALLY Close To The Wheel”

Definitely gives a lot of space for back-seaters.

12. “Struggle Is Real When You Sit At The Back Of The Class”

You cannot be a back-bencher in a lecture hall because tall people will always block your view.

If you are having some issues with your short friend, just throw them in a pool.

I promise their height is the most thing about them and we love them!!!


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