15 Things We Did At School That Today’s Students Will Never Get

Remember those good old days when we broke the rules and did brave things at school?

Part of what made school life interesting was the fun carried out by doing certain things we loved, while our teachers hated. This is where we unleashed our creativity, ingenuity, curiosity and ability to find possibilities of having fun amid the odds.

Students going to school today will never come to realize the underrated pleasure we used to have. They certainly do not relate to all those small struggles and tiny victories which usually came by when we intended to break the rules.

A lot has changed today and it is a good change. Student habits haven’t changed, though. There are new and better ways of doing the things we loved doing at school. We would like to thank one app for it!

Let us reflect back on our school life and remember all the things we did that any student today will never appreciate:

1. Steal your teacher’s cell number from somewhere & start calling them during class just to prevent them from teaching


2. Having that one person in class who would find unimaginable ways to hide their cell phone. Now we simply hide it in our socks or pockets!


3. We used to secretly pass handwritten notes to each other. Now we can simply text!


4. In contrast to the easy and convenient use of mobile messengers such as LINE Messenger today, we used to keep promises with our friends about coming online at a certain time after school


5. Going to the washroom only to take a trip around the school


6. Show off our mobile phones at parties and functions because only at these events were we allowed the privilege of carrying our cell phones to school

Source: Sizzle

Source: Sizzle

7. Having a crush on someone in school and looking up their profile all over social networks. Now we simply look up their profile on a messenger app


8. Turn our wooden desks into a contemporary work of art & craft

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

9. Hide and use our cell phones between thick textbooks


10. Confess intimate messages to our crushes on walls of the washrooms in anticipation that they’ll read

Source: because i couldn't say it better

Source: because i couldn’t say it better

11. Copy Wikipedia definitions on test paper through our phones

Source: Quickmeme

Source: Quickmeme

12. Standing in a corner, trimming pencils and talking endlessly with your friends

Source: Quickmeme

Source: Quickmeme

13. Longing for the moment to gossip about things happening during class with our best friends who were forced to sit at far corners. Now people can simply text them!


14. The excitement of going to the computer labs to play games and writing our names in fancy text on Word

Source: Meme Center

Source: Meme Center

15. Successfully texting in class without letting your teacher know and then feeling like a real badass


What are the things you remember that you used to do in school that have completely changed for good now? Let us know!

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