10 Ways To Get 100% Acne Free Face!

Pimples, acne, zit – Whatever you call it, you know how badly it sucks! We’ve all had them or have them and we all certainly hate them. Summer is the season of acne/pimples. Specially for people with oily or acne-prone skin, it’s a living hell. Everything you do, makes you breakout!

So why do we have them, just why? Here are a few ‘scientific’ reasons.
1. You don’t keep your face clean i.e sleep with make up on, or don’t wash your face after heavy sweating/gym.
2. You use products that irritate you skin – mostly perfumes do that, but can be other ingredients too.
3. Nature – Your skin is naturally sensitive and acne-prone.
4. Your diet – high amount of sugar, oils, spices or drinking very less amount of water can also cause acne.
5. You share your make up and brushes.
6. Hormonal imbalance/Puberty
7. Over-scrubbing/exfoliating
8. Stress
9. Picking on/touching your pimples just make it worse. It also spreads from one part to another
10. Other problems in your system
Pimples can very well indicate some ongoing problem inside your body. This is classified according to the area where you have increased number of breakouts.
A pimple is generally of two types:
A simple-small whiteheaded zit, or a painful, big old cystic-type pimple.
How to zap the Zit?
The first time I see a pimple, I have this really strong urge to just pop it and make it go away. But remember, this is just going to make it worst! LEAVE YOUR PIMPLE ALONE!
This is the simplest, most-effective thing to do. It goes away within a week. But if you disturb it, it’s going to leave a very bad mark!
HELP, I have to go somewhere and this pimple just popped up!
Is it me or honestly whenever I have to attend a wedding/function, a pimple appears out of nowhere. What sorcery is this? Here’s how to deal with it:
1. If it’s a huge, swollen and red cyst like pimple, just leave it alone. Apply some ice on top of it to calm the redness. You can use a green colour-corrector. But I will always recommend to just let it be. It’ll be gone soon, I promise.
2. If you have a whiteheaded, small pimple, the first thing to do is take a small cloth/towel and run it under hot water. Put the cloth on pimple for 10 seconds or so. And repeat.
Other Options are:
  • Spot treatment – combine Honey, Lemon, Cinnamon and Nutmeg  powders and apply with a q-tip on the spot. Do this at night.
  • Use an equal mixture of calamine lotion and tea tree oil. Apply with a q-tip on the area.
  • Rub banana peel on your zit
  • Rub some ice
  • It is often said, that Aspirin works well for acne too, since it has salicylic acid which is anti-Inflammatory. Use a face wash/cleanser containing SALICYLIC ACID for great results.
Here are some personal recommendations for acne-prone skin:
Personal Favourite
Amazing product
Use it as a spot treatment
Additional Tips
1. Drink water. Drink loads and loads of it.
2. Use detox water. It helps to detoxify your system, and clears your body of toxins.
3. Increase uptake of vegetables, fresh fruits.
4. Decrease spicy/oily food.
5. NEVER sleep with make up on. Always wash your face with a good cleanser and use a toner to help clarify your skin.
6. If your skin is acne-prone, use make up made for your skin.
7. If you have a very severe skin issue PLEASE go see a Dermatologist ASAP. Some things can not be treated by conventional methods.

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