World Water Day’ is Observed Globally Today

World Water Day' is observed globally today

Today, Pakistan joins the global community in observing World Water Day on March 22.

The theme for this year, ‘Water for Peace’, highlights the significance of collaborative water management in promoting harmony and resilience during common challenges.

Pakistan, despite its vital rivers, faces significant water scarcity, ranking 3rd among the world’s most water-scarce nations. Droughts and famine have become harsh realities, with per capita annual water availability dropping from 5,000 to less than 1,000 cubic meters today.

Insufficient water storage capacity exacerbates the issue, with only 10% of river water stored compared to the global average of 40%. The reliance on groundwater for agriculture further strains resources.

Groundwater levels are declining rapidly due to excessive usage and deforestation, ranking Pakistan 164th globally for water reabsorption in underground reservoirs.

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Cities like Lahore are grappling with severe water scarcity, with groundwater extraction depths increasing significantly over the years.

It is critical to ensure a sustainable water future for all, emphasizing the importance of addressing water scarcity through effective storage policies and exploring diverse avenues for availability. Let’s work together to achieve this important goal!

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