“He told me to go inside from the backside of the house…” – Story Of A Molestation Victim

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Back in 2015, an incident exposed me to the harsh realities of life. I stopped trusting people. One day I and my mother went to my Khala’s (aunty) place in Multan. I was playing with their dog when my Khaalu ( uncle) came outside and passed me a smile. I smiled back.

He told me to go inside from the back side of the house because there were his friends on the front. I agreed and when I went there, on the other side of the house, he took advantage of me being alone and followed me. He grabbed my hand forcefully. I asked him to leave my hand. Since everyone was sitting inside having tea, I was being molested.

Source: www.bluntmoms.com

No one knew about that. I was scared but I couldn’t  say a word. When he tried to rape me, I bit him on his hand and managed to escape. While everyone was busy in gossips and all, I ran towards bathroom and shut myself in. I cried and cried until my mother came in.

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Source: Times of India

She asked what had happened and I told her that I had a fight with one of my cousins. As my mother is a single parent, I didn’t tell her because she couldn’t bear all of this. I asked her to leave as I wasn’t feeling comfortable there.

I tried to move on and to forget what happened that day. Now I’m 15 years old passionate girl with lots of dreams and goals to fulfill. I never told my mother about that but I fought back with those harsh memories.

Yeah, there are days when I cried myself to sleep because of that night but I managed to move on. I believe that a single incident can’t change your life. Have faith and work hard for your dreams and goals because that’s  how you make all the difference in the world.


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