A Car Spotted Outside a School in Islamabad Revealed Child Molestation by a Driver and It is Alarming!

A Car Spotted Outside a School in Islamabad Revealed Child Molestation by a Driver and It is Alarming!

The past few weeks have been a wakeup call for parents all over the country. Nobody can be trusted when it comes to leaving behind your children, especially not an outsider. The norm in the certain class of Pakistan is to hire the help. Workers at the home are used for different purposes – for cleanliness, as security guards, as gardeners, and as drivers. However, trusting them completely with your child and family is something Pakistanis need to learn.

We have heard and unfortunately, witnessed stories were children were not spared by their own blood in terms of molestation; why do we trust an outsider then?

A Wakeup Call was Shared by an Islamabadi Resident and It Sends Shivers Down the Spine

The local shared the image of the car, urging the owner to look into the driver hired as the help. Alongside the driver, there were 4 other men with one child in the car, possibly molesting the child.

The local shared the image of the care with a much-needed message:

“Whoever is the owner of this car outside of a school in F7, your driver has 4 other drivers seated in your car with a child, maybe yours in one’s lap. Kindly check on this behaviour and save your child from potential molestation.
P.S. I had the child removed from the car by the school’s security guard.”

Facebook: Faiza Khan

While the post has been shared more than 800 times on the social feed, we are hoping that it reached out to the parents and they take strict actions towards the man who was given the responsibility of the child.

For the parents, these stories are a learning lesson. Please do not ignore the safety of your children by trusting them with a stranger who holds the capability of ruining their lives.

Link to the post:


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