Quetta Witnessed Its First Seasonal Snowfall And It Looks Magical!

quetta snowfall 2020

Winter is one of the most beautiful seasons among all. Everyone enjoys the coldness of chilly winds with the combination of sunlight. The season has multiple variations but snowfall is loved by all! Recently, Quetta witnessed its 1st snowfall of the season on Thursday morning. As a result, the temperature of the city reached at -2 and -9 in some areas of the Ziarat.

Ravishing Scenes After Snowfall In Quetta

Quetta was seen covered in snow and its residents absolutely loved it! These mesmerizing scenes make all of us fall in love with Quetta. After this, Twitter was bombarded with breathtaking videos and pictures making #Quetta trend on social media.

Let’s have a look at some beautiful scenes!

The roads are white and people love it

Many are busy capturing some amazing clicks of the snowfall

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Is this even real?

Winter wonderland?

Who wouldn’t love such a beautiful beginning of 2020?

According to the forecast, the new system of rainfall developed in several parts of Balochistan including Quetta valley, Mastung, Kalat, Pishin, Chaman, Qilla Saifullah and would possibly carry on for the next few days.

As #Quetta was trending, we witnessed different emotions. Some people were showing their gratitude that Balochistan is trending for good reasons while others were sharing their experience of joy


Furthermore, some praised the services of our forces for giving their best in rescuing people who got stuck in the snowfall

Although snowfall in the winter increases the demand for the tourism industry in many areas, it is indeed a very positive source of revenue. The majority of people want to visit those beautiful areas because these cities are like heaven on earth and the beauty of these areas grabs the attention of everyone. However, not just Pakistanis but a large number of foreigners also want to see the breathtaking scenarios of the huge mountains and valleys.

Give a Helping Hand

Moreover, snowfall brings happiness for us but we don’t neglect the causes that create problems for many people in the area. The shortage of gas is a huge problem for them and the communication and road system is also affected by it. Furthermore, businesses are also majorly affected because of the heavy snowfall and people are forced to stay in their homes.

For those living in Quetta, it is highly recommended to follow the safety precautions and help others who need your services. Furthermore, it is a season of joy which means it’s time to spread happiness by becoming a helping hand. So, make this season a blessing instead of a curse.

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