Reham Khan Answers Controversial Questions About PM On Waqar Zaka Show

waqar zaka and reham khan

Pakistan’s controversial host Waqar Zaka recently held a live talk session with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s former wife Reham Khan and asked some bold and personal questions. Since the interview went live on Zaka’s YouTube channel, it has been a talk of the town. The Internet has also been buzzing with tweets and posts about it.

Zaka was apparently seeking an apology from Reham for the accusations she has made against the premiere in her book. From their intimate life to drugs, Reham has made some serious allegations against Khan in the book. Zaka asked her about the same during the live interview. He claimed in the beginning that the purpose behind this interview was to get the truth. And also, to make Reham realize about the allegations she made in her book.

Zaka asked her about the physical abuse she faced in her marriage with her first husband Ejaz Rehman. He even asked her about drugs and her love life. Zaka also tried to clarify all the accusations she has made against Khan in her book. Not to forget, Reham has leveled serious allegations against Khan which includes taking help from black magic, and drugs.

While giving the reference of Quran and Hadith, Zaka said she should have kept the secrets (if any) of Khan instead of making them public. To which Reham replied, “I believe in transparency and I will do everything which is right for the country.”

Reham kept on interlinking Khan’s personal life with the interest of the country during the talk. She couldn’t seem to prove any of her accusations.

Zaka tried to get the details from her but Reham kept on avoiding it. She also lashed out at him later in a Twitter post. Reham said she has spoken the truth in her book and interviews and will always stand by it.

Another host Aamir Liaquat agreed with Zaka and said in a Tweet that Reham should have kept a relationship of respect with PM Khan after their divorce.

Well, the Twitter war is on after the interview went viral. Some people are taking Reham’s side while many believe that she has wrongly accused Khan without any evidence. However, both the media personnel has got enough limelight with their recent stunt.

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