WATCH: How Motorcyclists Ditched Death In This Horrible Karachi Road Accident

car accident karachi

We recently came across a video of a horrific accident in the Defence area of Karachi. The two SUVs flies in air after they collided with each other while neglecting the traffic signal.

Reportedly, a driver identified as Imran Afzal has been killed in the accident. Afzal owned a car showroom at Tariq Road, Karachi. Moreover, a woman also got critically injured during the accident. It all happened at the Khayaban-e-Bahria road at the posh area of Defence Housing Authority.

It is an absolute case of negligence. People, especially in Karachi, often take the traffic rules for granted. There have been many incidences in the past which took away many lives for the same reason.

Soon after the accident, many people are criticizing the drivers as well as the authorities for not taking road safety measures.

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Last year, Pakistan topped the list of Asian countries having the highest number of deaths in road traffic accidents. Whereas Karachi ranked fourth in these kinds of deaths in the world.

Moreover, there have been tragic incidents in the past that have torn families apart. These incidents are now happening too often, nowadays. Such incidents just show how careless and irresponsible our society has become and how someone’s life means nothing.


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