Twitter Blames Marriyum For Playing Victim As Her Old Video ‘Pushing A Man’ Goes Viral!


PML-N’s Marriyum Aurangzeb is a Sharif family loyalist and one of the front runners in every campaign held in support of N-league’s Quaid. Not only has she shed tears but also raised her voice countless times for the party and its stance. However, her loyalty to Maryam Nawaz and her father, Nawaz Sharif, is so great that she often finds herself in hot water.

The PML-N leader is facing severe reaction from the Pakistanis on Twitter amid her claim that some PTI workers abused her today.

Tensions between opposition leaders and government ran high on Saturday after PM Imran secured a vote of confidence from the National Assembly. PML-N leaders alleged that they had been manhandled by PTI supporters outside the Parliament House.

PML-N spokesperson Aurangzeb accused some PTI workers of verbally abusing her.

“We will not let this hooliganism continue,” she said addressing the media after the alleged incident. Meanwhile, PML-N’s Musadik Malik asked whether this was the state of Madina Imran had promised where women were not safe. “Marriyum Aurangzeb was attacked and abused,” he lamented.

“Where was the police of the state of Madina when all this was happening?” he questioned. Malik said these hooligans have fled and left the puppet premier on his own.

Marriyum Aurangzeb was attacked & abused?

Meanwhile, there is no visual evidence on social media that could support PML’s claims about Aurangzeb being attacked. Many people are blaming her for being a victim as an old video of her pushing a man goes viral.

In the viral, Aurangzeb could be seen bumping into a man far from her. Seeing the man touch her, her party member began a scuffle with him while she played the victim.

In the video, Aurangzeb took two small steps on her left before pushing the man as if no one saw but the camera caught her red-handed. What was that move for? We really need to ask the PML-N politician.

Aurangzeb might have been right this time. However, the trend of Pakistani politicians always lying to the masses, makes it difficult for people to believe them. The viral video of Aurangzeb is a classic example.

Meanwhiile, following the politicial melodrama outside the parliament, PML-N Vice-President Maryam lauded her party’s leaders for “fighting back against vote thieves and thugs like lions.”

“It makes sense to lose your mind like this after facing humiliating defeats one after the other and from every side,” she tweeted.

PM secured majority votes on Saturday to win the vote of confidence from the National Assembly. Moreover, the premier, who needed 172 votes to win the confidence vote, secured 178 votes.

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