Nazish Jahangir Claims Alizeh Shah’s Cuteness Is Gone

Actor Nazish Jahangir claims Alizeh Shah used to be very pretty and cute when she entered in the industry. Why she said that?

She highlighted her cosmetic surgery that Alizeh Shah went through and shared more details.

Alizeh Shah surprises followers with this comment - Daily Times
Source: Daily Pakistan

Alizeh Shah captured everyone’s attention once she entered in the drama industry, not only that she even found herself in the hot boil water of controversies as well.

Nazish Jahangir recently appeared on the Nadir Ali’s podcast where she openly cleared the air about the rumors of having facial surgery.

Nazish Jahangir Claims Alizeh Shah Was Cute Before Surgery

While having a conversation with Nadir Ali, Nazish said that, “I love the way I look – jawline, nose, eyebrows – and never felt the need to change anything in my face,” said the ‘Berukhi’ actor crediting her beauty genes to her late mother, who she said was a pretty lady.

Nazish Jahangir claims Alizeh Shah has lost her innocence
Source: Daily Pakistan

Nadir Ali then pointed towards the Alizeh Shah and claimed that she used to look cute and innocent earlier. He even highlighted her surgery as well, according to him Alizeh lost her charm and cuteness after the face transformation to which, Jahangir recalled meeting the ‘Taqdeer’ actor on the set.

“She used to be very pretty and this one time I met her on a shoot, she looked almost like a doll with those big eyes and clear skin,” she shared.

“Fame is not always easy to handle. It is hard to get, and harder to handle,” Jahangir concluded.

Many of the actresses and actors have complain with Alizeh Shah. Zarnish Khan also called her disrespectful and shocked everyone.

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