Mitchell Marsh Slammed For Keeping Feet On World Cup Trophy

Mitchell Marsh Slammed For Keeping Feet On World Cup Trophy

On 19th November, Patt Cummins-led Australia defeated the unbeaten Indian team to win its sixth World Cup title. The internet soon became flooded with pictures of Australian players celebrating with the trophy.

One picture, however, has divided the internet, featuring Australian all-rounder Mitchell Marsh resting his legs on the trophy while holding a beer in one hand.

In response, several X users expressed displeasure, calling his act ‘disgraceful’ and ‘disrespectful’ to the World Cup trophy. However, others attributed the behavior to cultural differences and stressed that it should not be condemned.

Some users commented on Mitchell Marsh’s picture with the trophy, arguing that had India won the trophy, they would have cherished, respected, and worshipped it. An Indian player claimed that he would have shown respect to the trophy, but one Vivek countered that Passion is different from Work!

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Cultural Difference Should Be Respected

Several users defended Mitchell Marsh for the viral picture, arguing that touching something with legs is considered disrespectful in Eastern cultures only. Marsh’s Western culture shouldn’t be judged in the context of Eastern culture, and the latter shouldn’t be imposed on others.

 Gabbar, a popular X user, commented, “A lot of hate for this picture.”. The only cultures that consider legs impure are those in the East that actively avoid touching anything revered with their feet. The west builds stairs made of books.” 

Many Indians are angry because their cricket team lost the trophy in the final match after coming so close to winning it. India has strong feelings when it comes to cricket, and the outcry over Mitchell Marsh’s picture appears to be related to the hurt of losing the championship after going undefeated the entire competition.

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