2020 Is Getting Worse – 147 Earthquakes Reported In Last 24 Hours Worldwide


This year is getting worse with each passing day. 2020 is scaring the hell out of everyone as it brings more and more bad news every day. In the last 24 hours, nature has jolt more than 100 countries including Pakistan giving another reason to hate this year.

The deadly coronavirus pandemic, many unfortunate deaths, mental illness and suicides, plane crashes, and whatnot, this year hasn’t come up with any good news yet.

Giving a quick statistics of all the quakes, a geological site has summed up all the quakes in the last 24 hours. The quakes measured from minor to major on the rector scale. The countries including the United States, Argentina, Philippines, New Zealand, Greece, Indonesia, Turkey, Portugal, India, Mexico, and many others got affected by the recent quake.

Twitter is in shock and disbelief

People across the globe have been reacting to the recent gift by the year 2020. The fear, panic, and all the worries can be easily witnessed on people’s faces.

Only half of 2020 has passed and people are just praying to get through this tough year.

Are we nearing towards the end? There have been also reports about the world coming to an end on June 21 this year. Many fear the end of the world is close after a scientist revealed there was a discrepancy with the Mayan calendar, and now conspiracy theorists warn that the world could end next week!


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