COVID-19: Recovery Rate In Pakistan Is Much Higher Than Death Rate

coronavirus recovery in Pakistan

The lethal virus COVID-19 is leaving no stone unturned in wreaking havoc in the world. However, in Pakistan, the recovery rate is quite high compared to the other nations. As per statistics, total confirmed cases are 2934 out which 170 have recovered and 45 have died. Meaning thereby, the recovery rate is around 80 percent and the death rate stands at 20 percent. 

As per data, Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) has 12 patients. In Balochistan, 189 patients, In Gilgit Baltistan (GB) there are 206 patients. In Islamabad, COVID-19 affected 78 people. Furthermore, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) has 372 patients. Punjab has 1196, and  Sindh has 881 patients. As per reports,  60% of the infected people came from abroad; 40% of the virus spread locally. Plus, the total number of tests conducted is 34885.

coronavirus recovery in Pakistan

Source: 24 news HD

With the grace of Allah Almighty, earlier 19 people recovered from the deadly virus in Balochistan. Chief Minister Balochistan said, “Alhamdulilah 17 people in Sheikh Zahid hospital after positive, then spent 14 days in the hospital and now after tests again have now shown negative. Tomorrow inshallah we shall do a test again for further assurance.”


Moreover, yesterday 14 more recovered in Balochistan after spending 14 days in isolation. 


Similarly, 97 patients in Sukkur quarantine recovered from the COVID-19. As per Senator Shery Rehman, the highest recovery rate if from the Sindh Province. 

Way of treating patients

Doctors, laboratories, and scientists across the world are racing to find the cure for the deadly pandemic. However, no certain cure has yet been developed. Reportedly, some countries are using hydroxychloroquine, mentioned by Trump as a cure to CoVID-19. Besides, some nations are using drugs prescribed for HIV and the Ebola virus. Furthermore, an old method of passive immunity is also being used for the pandemic and is showing great results.

Passive Immunity

As per Chief Quality Officer and Chief of Infectious Diseases, University of Maryland UCH passive immunity showed impressive results. He said, “Treatment news! 5 critically ill COVID patients (on ventilators) received antibody-rich plasma from 5 other patients who had recovered from COVID. Results: 3 discharged; 2 in stable condition!”

In Pakistan. Dr. Shamsi alluded towards the passive immunity technique. Reports suggest Pakistani doctors are toiling to use the technique and getting samples of Plasma from the recovered people. Moreover, China has also used the technique and brought cases downwards. Recently, China also exported plasma of recovered patients to Italy so that it may help Italy fight the pandemic.

coronavirus recovery in Pakistan

Source: Nature

Furthermore, Dr. Shamsi has started the use of Plasma in Sindh after the approval of Sindh government

Above all, though the condition is getting worse, Pakistani doctors along with the government are trying hard to tackle the crisis. Further, the recovery rate surpasses the death rate in the country. Hopefully, Pakistan along with the world will soon get rid of the pandemic.

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