Ayesha Omar’s Playful Police Story: A Hilarious Tale on Ahmed Ali Butt’s Show!

Ayesha Omar's Playful Police Story A Hilarious Tale on Ahmed Ali Butt's Show!

Ayesha Omar, the super talented actress we all love, had a little adventure recently! She’s famous for her awesome TV shows like Bulbulay and Habs, where she plays characters that make us laugh and smile. But did you know she’s also into making her own skincare products and eating healthy foods?

So, Ayesha was on a fun show with Ahmed Ali Butt, and she told a silly story. She said that when she was in college, she was acting in a show where she played a boy. The police saw a picture of a boy who looked like her character, and they thought it was her! They even arrested her! Can you believe it? But don’t worry, it was all just a funny story she made up for the show.

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Isn’t that hilarious? We love hearing funny stories from our favorite stars! Did you enjoy Ayesha Omar’s story? Let us know in the comments!

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