8 Stages Of Cigarette Addiction That All Smokers Can Relate To!

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Cigarette smoking is injurious to your health, to your lifestyle and to your psychological well-being. It is the absolute worst addiction and even when you want to quit you can’t. Smoking will control your life from your morning toilet necessities to your last smoke of the day before you go to bed.

Here are the seven stages that a gandi smoking addiction can be broken into…

1. Where it all started

When a friend, colleague, acquaintance or relative offered you your first cigarette and you were dumb enough to take it. Admittedly you did look cool taking those drags but was it worth it?

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2. Then you started to ask around for someone to give you a cig or two.

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3. Then when you couldn’t find Mufta, you bought your first cigarette “YOURSELF”

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4. Then The Frequent Visits To the bathroom and chhat start to take place


5. You find your very own Khoka to buy from

You finally unearth a khoka you like and a khokay wala you trust and buy your daily dose from him.

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6. You Realise it is a waste of time going to the Khoka 5 or 6 Times a day

So you just buy half a pack of cigarettes and keep it hidden at home or in your bag!

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7. Then eventually your habit increases to the point where you are smoking a pack per day


Source: www.theguardian.com

8. And well by this point You know You’re Done for

Your every action will be considered on the premise of whether you have enough cigarettes to do it. “Yar parhai krne key liye cigarette kafi nai hai.” “Yaar Chai peeni hai, cigarette le ana.”



Joking aside, cigarette smoking is a terrible habit and if you haven’t started then you really shouldn’t and you shouldn’t let the people around you start either. This is not a public service message this s just to tell you how bad the never ending cycle of cigarette smoking is.

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