People Are Now Comparing Virat Kholi And Sarfraz Ahmed’s Bodies And Man, This Is Really Embarrassing!

Aw, shucks! Let’s just get one straight fact out of the way, Pakistani women absolutely dig Virat Kohli. Not just for his looks but for his talent for cricket. Sarfaraz doesn’t really bag that kind of attention from the ladies and I mean you can’t blame the female audience. Our captain is not entirely in his best shape and with the recent performance against India in England, he is a goner.

See The Comparison Yourself.

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Sarfraz has been receiving massive hate and criticism over his performance that according to the analysts and cricket lovers have been declining over time. His fitness too is taken into great consideration as one of the major drawbacks for the low quality of cricket that was played by the Pakistani team. Since it is highly important for the captain to be on top of his game so that he can motivate and lead the team better.

Everyone On The Web Are Quite Vocal About Sarfraz’s Bad Physique.

This user writes, “Captaan vs taptaan. Now look at sarfraz his incompetence and poor fitness is reflecting from his body on the contrary side kohli is one of the fittest player in cricket history despite all this he is still striving to aquire more skills and fitness.”

Do you agree with Umar, who said, “Sarfraz is the only captain who become hopeless and end fight within first 10 over of the match. Look at Finch what he did when Srilanka was cruising in first 15 overs. Sarfraz cant sustain pressure and look at his fitness. Pak need visionary captain “

“Spot on. Its all about fitness. Sarfraz cannot even grab simple catches. Shoaib Akhtar pointed out & criticized him for being overweight and everyone started bashing him for body shaming”, says another critic. 

“Yeah for sure sarfraz can not achieve that fitness level!!!!! If you continue to eat desi khanay and gaining weight. He is most unfit captain among current teams. Physical is deceptive, he should work on his fitness if wants to represent Pakistan,plz stop yawning for his sake.”

It is extremely important for every athlete to be in shape, even a sumo wrestler needs to stay active and practice their moves constantly; cricket like several sports requires a heavy body work-out on the pitch and field. It is truly disappointing to see our players with no serious fitness regime, Sarfaraz in particular who has clearly left himself go. His poor fitness shows his seriousness and commitment towards cricket.

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