Tarek Fatah Was Trolled Badly By Indians & Pakistanis After He Mistook Inzamam-Ul-Haq For A ‘Mullah’!

As the World Cup season has arrived, the excitement of cricket craze along with controversies took the higher grounds. No matter which tournament it is, the rivalry between Pakistan and Hindustan always serve as the major controversial element to the world. And as Pakistan lost the most important match yesterday, that too against India, it stirred a whole new debate among the social interactions.

Tarek Fateh who is a Pakistani-Canadian journalist and author tweeted on his official Twitter account regarding the Pak-Indo match!

On Sunday, before the majorly hyped battle between Pakistan and India started, Tarek Fatah shared his misleading opinion following the match preparations on Twitter and it was not taken well by the social media users. In the tweet, Tarek lashed out at Pakistan Cricket Team’s captain Sarfraz Ahmed for bringing a ‘Mullah’ on the pitch which in reality was Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB’s) chief selector Inzamam ul Haq.

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Furthermore, he tweeted that Sarfraz had brought in a ‘Mullah’ to bless the pitch and pray before the match so that the winning possibilities get high for Pakistan. Check it out below!

His tweet clearly shows how big of an ignorant personality Tarek covers!

Tarek Fatah even tagged and thanked the person who shared the misleads with him in the same tweet. Twitteratis were quick to correct Tarek’s mistake and the bashing was brutal. Some of the replies on his tweet are shared below!

Thank you for clearing things out!

You’re doing great. People like this don’t deserve to be followed!

The legend just reached on time!

This Indian lad stated the true facts!

Sincere advice was given!

After facing major humiliation on the tweet, Tarek tried to turn it with his dead humor and posted another image. This time he photoshopped Inzamam’s face and replaced it with the famous Islamic Scholar Zakir Naik.

Here’s what Tarek tweeted later!

According to sources, Tarek Fatah has been slammed several times for posting things without any research or verification and it is even said that Facebook has banned him too. The Pakistani born journalist is better known for defaming his own country on international forum.

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