Unbelievable! Lahoris Are Fighting Rest of Pakistan Over Doodh Soda!

In Pakistan, anything can happen, literally. Especially when you’re a Lahori. While the country goes through a huge turmoil, with the Prime Minister having an open heart surgery, the country without a foreign minister, drone attacks in Balochistan targeting Taliban, corruption, nepotism, rape, murder and child abuse – the youth of Pakistan is fighting on DOODH SODA!

What a time to be alive…

On Twitter, the young-guns, the colts of Pakistan, the people who will make the future of this country are fighting over a combination of Sprite and Milk. Yes, you heard it correct. Let’s not keep you waiting – you can see it for yourself.

Twitteratis dubbed this as the ‘The Big Doodh Soda War of 2016’

It all started with one little Lahori and her innocent tweet on Doodh Soda

And from there on, it was the beginning of a war…


Doodh Soda, the Supreme Lahori drink, had loyal supporters.. who were ready for the challenge

And just as the defense was strong, so was the offence – rest of Pakistan was conspiring openly now!



This particular Lahori who served the casus-belli on Twitter was ready to break virtual friendships over… well, Doodh Soda..

But the attacks were too strong to handle for the Lahoris..




And then it happened, the Lahoris combined into one big bottle of Doodh Soda and took every single offender on – it was now Lahore vs rest of Pakistan – Doodh Soda vs other drinks


And then there were normal people who didn’t want anything to do with Lahoris or Doodh Sodha..


And then it was the moment of realization – the girl had started the ‘Doodh Soda War of 2016’

So which side are you on?

Are you team Doodh Soda or are you team I-really-don’t-care-but-why-are-Lahoris-like-this?

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