Pakola vs. Doodh Soda: Best of Twitter

Pakola and Doodh Soda. Probably the 2nd most controversial drink fight this world has ever witnessed. When it comes to Pakola, Karachites just can’t hear a word against it and when it comes to its counterpart, Doodh Soda, Lahoris are always there to defend it.

Recently, Twitter got into a fight when Doodh Soda lovers tried to prove how their drink is greater, but Pakola Warriors were right back at them to defend their drink. Here are some of the best Tweets from the friendly feud:

It all started when one of the user tweeted this:

And this gave the Pakola Haters  a start to prove their stance:

Some just showed their amazing love for Doodh Soda:

And for the last one:

This didn’t go down well with the Pakola warriors, they were all ready to show their hate for Doodh Soda:

Some felt the hate for Pakola so bad that:

Not everyone was having a great time watching this fight:

Some people had other Ideas about their taste for Pakistani Drinks:

And finally, some people were there suggesting how to end this:

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