Watch Out Pakistani Ladies, There’s A Soul Brothers Group In Town You Need To Know About

In Pakistan, people choose to follow whoever they want. It might be an idol, an idea or a ritual, we devote ourselves to whatever tickles our fancy best. Over the years, social media has taken over the country’s youth and many have found good use in what we call the 21st-century digitalization.

As for Pakistani ladies, they have found themselves a perfect fit in their sisters who have rallied across from all over the world to support them in whatever they do. Yes, we’re talking about the famous Facebook pages Soul Sisters and Soul Bitches. These places are where the magic happens, literally.


Women from all over the world, be it Pakistani or not, rally to each other’s help whenever they have an issue. The issues can range from personal problems, be of health, wealth or friendship, to general taboos of society that hold women back. Sparkly, right?

Well, these Soul Sisters need to watch out now because Pakistani men have found the perfect response to the raging rants that are kept in secrecy because as they say, rule number of these groups are that no men are allowed inside. Same is going to be the format for Soul Brothers, where ‘Bros before Hoes’ will be accepted in all its essence.


Since the group is extremely new and just started, guys from all over the country are advised to join and support their brothers who are in dire need of their help and opinions, and a little bit of chicanery. This is the group’s link: Soul Brothers

As for what happens inside the group, well, you’ll only find out once you join. As for the ladies, that might be a huge issue for you guys, until unless you’re ready to make fake ids to check out what’s inside. Well, secrecy aside, the group is just what men need, which is brothers in arms.

So, watch out Pakistani sisters… these Soul Brothers are here for a reason and they are ready to take on whatever is thrown their way. Here’s a preview for your eyes only: “Thai massage with a happy ending” would you call it cheating on ur partner??!!”

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