This Brave Pakistani Lady Protected A Little Girl From Her Driver And It Makes Us All Proud


When it comes to handling someone’s children, trust is a very important factor. Be it a teacher, a driver, a baby sitter and even our own family members, the responsibility of someone else’s child is not an easy one. We must trust each other fully in order to let an outsider take care our children in situations where we are not present.

However, we have heard a number of stories where caretakers misuse someone’s trust and play with the life of their children.

A lady by the name of Nadia M. Khan posted her experience of handling an abusive driver publicly. Take a look:

“I did a very daring thing recently. I was on my way back from school and was on the hill park signal. There was a white Toyota right next to ours. A little girl aged about 5 was sitting in front with a driver.
“Kutti ki bachi, jo mein keh raha hoon woh kar,” the driver shouted at her, callously.

The little girl with her adorable glasses, tears in her eyes happened to look straight at me. And that was it. I immediately got out of my car, stood in front of the car and scolded the driver. I asked him to immediately call either her mother or her father as I wanted to speak to them.

He refused.

That’s when I really made a racket and another man got off his car to ask me what was going on. I told him and he too got furious. He asked the driver to immediately call the girl’s parents otherwise he was going to call the Police.

Anyway, I spoke to the father and gave him my piece of mind! He said he lived near by and if I could wait for him he would come and get his daughter.

I waited there with the other gentleman with the driver parked on the side. The father came, fired the driver and slapped him so hard that even I felt my ears ringing. I told him never to trust anyone with his children again!

I shared this because it’s about time we stepped up to fixing what’s wrong in society. It’s about time we stopped voluntarily handing over our precious children to those who can potentially harm them. It’s about time we stopped being silent witnesses to the many evils that plague our society.

Please SHARE this post and play a part in creating the much needed awareness on child abuse. Words are powerful and they can change lives.”

She concludes her message with the realization of how dangerous it is to let strangers with questionable personality traits near our children, while we are absent. It is absurd when you think about how irresponsible it is and how badly it can affect our families.

We give props to Miss Nadia Khan for having the courage to stand up against something so wrong and bringing a positive change. Not only in the life of the little girl in the car, but also shed light on something we never speak against. Those who find it difficult to take an initiative against injustice and cruelty, this is a lesson for you.

Thank you, miss Nadia!

Have you ever stood up against something unjust in your life? Let us know!

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