How OPA Fries Is Bringing The Magic Of Fries To Every Home!

There are very few things in this entire world that we can all agree on. One such thing is our love for a delicious potato snack called French fries!

Our love of fries starts when we are kids, and it never really ends, even when we are well into adulthood. I remember, begging my mom to make me fries every day and how my evenings would feel incomplete without them. And it’s not just me; I can safely say that fries have been an essential part of everyone’s childhood. We’ve all grown up eating fries and today’s kids are growing up eating them as well, making fries one of the few things that transcend the generation gap.

There’s something magical about fries:

The slightest whiff of freshly made fries can bring people together with everyone wanting a bite. And once you start eating, it’s almost impossible to stop till they’re all gone. But as much as we love them, it gets tedious to constantly go back into the kitchen to make them day in day out. The washing, the cutting, the peeling and of course cooking them perfectly takes time. Luckily, we can now skip all the effort and get straight to the yummy part of enjoying a plateful whenever we want, thanks to OPA Fries and their mouthwatering line of frozen fries.

These yummy fries take less than 5 minutes to cook and because they’re frozen, they’re extremely easy to store and are always within reach whenever the craving strikes! OPA Fries are available in 4 different cuts: There’s OPA Original for those who like skinny fries, OPA Chunky for those who like a bit more meat in their fries, OPA Super Chunky is perfect for people who love their fries super-tick, and then there’s OPA Crinkle with its fun zig-zag edge and an extra bit of crunch on the outside.

OPA fries are 100% natural:

I know what you might be thinking right now: frozen fries aren’t made from real potatoes and there must be all sorts of chemicals and preservatives in them. But no, that’s not true at all! OPA Fries are made with 100% natural, Pakistani potatoes and are completely free from preservatives and harmful chemicals. Sure, they aren’t as long compared to some imported brands but that’s only because Pakistani potatoes aren’t as big as European and American potatoes. Plus, they cost less than the imported options out there so you’re getting a great deal. And, to top it all off, you can rest assured that when it comes to taste, nothing can beat OPA Fries!

OPA fries are Individually Quick Frozen:

Frozen using IQF technology at its plant in Sahiwal, these fries are making lives easier for moms and households across the country! Instead of wasting precious time buying potatoes and going through the hassle of making fries from scratch every day, OPA Fries is saving moms tons of time which can be better used in making memories with their kids. And because fries are perfect for all occasions and can be eaten anywhere, at any time, with any topping, it only makes sense that you should be able to prepare them on short notice whenever you need them. This quick preparation time and flexibility means that OPA Fries can be added to a kid’s lunch box, consumed as a midday snack or even as a fun complement to a “boring” meal.

Watch this video to know more:

Cheesy Fries

Make your very own CHEESY FRIES at home using OPA Fries! Follow the simple recipe video below and enjoy 😀

Gepostet von OPA am Freitag, 13. Dezember 2019

OPA Fries are easily available in the frozen food section of all major stores in the country such as: Imtiaz, Naheed, Chase, Bin Hashim, Agha’s, Carrefour, METRO, Alfatah, Jalal Sons, CSD, Rainbow, Madina Cash & Carry, Punjab Cash & Carry and many more.

OPA Fries is backed by the Fauji Group which is one of the largest and most trusted organizations in the country. Like in all their other ventures, the strictest quality and hygiene standards are upheld every step of the way. So try out this quality product and know that with OPA Fries, a deliciously hot plate of fries is only 5 minutes away!

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