Malik Riaz Sets An Example For Humanity By Offering Rs. 1 Billion To Rohingya Muslims

The geopolitics of the world keeps on changing, with a new humanitarian crisis erupting every now and then. Currently, the whole world is talking about just one thing, the ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

One of the finest non-political people in Pakistan, Malik Riaz Hussain, the Chairman of Bahria Town, has done something that the country should be extremely proud of, yet again. According to reports, Malik Riaz has pledged Rs. 1 Billion for the Rohingya Muslims of Burma, along with providing them with land accommodation.


In a TV interview, Malik Riaz said: “Have we become so selfish that we cannot help our brother Muslims in Myanmar? The Europeans have openly welcomed Muslims from all over the world into their countries, can we not accommodate 1 million Rohingya Muslims in our country?”

I am willing to donate Rs. 1 Billion along with land accommodation to help the Rohingya Muslims resettle in Pakistan. The government and establishment need to work together and help bring the Rohingya Muslims to Pakistan, and this will help us as a nation. Allah will help us by helping others!”

“We are so passionate about Kashmir, then why not about Burma? We need to stand our own feet before the world declares us as terrorists and we end up as the Burmese Muslims. We need to take the initiative ourselves and support the Rohingya Muslims by giving them financial assistance and land to live,” he further added.

Rohingya Muslims in Burma are currently going through the worst humanitarian crisis, with the Burmese Army slaughtering and massacring any Rohingya they see. When these poor souls tried to enter Bangladesh through Myanmar’s borders, they were sent back by the Bangladesh Army on Sheikh Hasina’s orders.


On the other hand, entertainment powerhouses such as Waqar Zaka and Amir Liaquat have also announced to go to Burma to help the Rohingya Muslims. Pakistan needs to take steps in the right directions to help their Muslim brothers, as it was decided in the Objective Resolution of 1949, by Liaquat Ali Khan, that the country would help Muslims all around the globe.

With Malik Riaz taking the first steps, it would be interesting to see what follows, how the government and establishment would react to such an offer. One issue that Pakistan might face is that Myanmar is an ally of China, and to go against the Burmese would not be taken too well by the Chinese. However, we laud the step Malik Riaz has taken.

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