The Social Media Warriors are the reason of Sectarian Violence in Pakistan

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So, I just said you all people, here on social media, that my sect is better than yours, right? No, it is not.

To be honest for a major part of my life I didn’t even know what this is. This caste, sect discrimination and all this. People used to ask me if I am Suni or Shia. I would say I am a Muslim. Then came the time when I got to know who I am. Or rather what I am. But believe me, I now feel prouder to tell everyone that I am a Muslim and don’t care about what people think of my sect. Also, Allah wouldn’t ask us what our sect was on the day of judgment.

I am writing on this really rare topic which is becoming a taboo because our society is intolerant of anyone who talks about religion. Everyone is an Islamic scholar on social media, don’t believe everything you see on Facebook, WhatsApp etc.

Now let’s jump on to the point. Muharram ul Haram will soon be here and people will share their sorrow in their own ways. So if you see posts about Karbala, any piece of poetry, quotes or anything, for heaven’s sake, don’t start a debate over the sect of people who are sharing these. You don’t need to tell anyone their firqa is wrong. NO!

Source: Kuwait Times

Holy Prophet PBUH said in his last sermon that,

‘All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over a black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action.’

I think we all know what piety is. Please don’t consider you as a jack of all trades.

How many of you wake up to pray Fajar after a Friday night of partying? So next time you try to make someone understand “Tum Namaz Sahi Tareekay Say Nahen Perhte, Wuzu Sahi nahe, blah blah” try to improve your own self first. The way I see it, the acceptance or rejection of any deed is up to Allah Almighty and those who try to play God are Satan themselves!

Source: Daily Pakistan

Now here, before another war of comments starts, believe what Maulana tells you from the Holy Qur’an, listen to your parents, perform your religion practices the way you know it. As long as you have faith in something and know that this is the right path, no one can tell you otherwise. Just let others live in peace. Let them say what they want.

Every year a war starts between two sects and a mass bloodshed occurs in Pakistan, just because people think they are superior to other Muslims or other Muslim sects and closer to Allah. Who gave you the medal of Islam’s elite class? Of course, Allah didn’t. No one is superior, it goes both ways. Live and let live.

And no I repeat again, my sect is definitely not better than yours or anyone out there. Religion does not depend on the comparison. I just pray that this Muharram will remain peaceful for Pakistan, Inshallah.

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