Karachi’s K-Electric Secures 20-Year Power License

Karachi's K-Electric Secures 20-Year Power License

Big news in Karachi! K-Electric, the main electricity company, just got a super-long 20-year license from NEPRA (National Electric Power Regulatory Authority). They asked for this special license to keep providing power to Karachi for the next 20 years. Before this, they had a 20-year license that ended in July 2023, but NEPRA gave them an extra six months to make sure the city keeps getting power.

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Now, after a detailed discussion, NEPRA officially said yes, and K-Electric can continue giving electricity to places like Karachi, Uthal, Bela, Vinder, Hub, Dhabeji, and Gharo. This is great news for the 3.56 million people in Karachi that K-Electric serves!

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