Pakistani Comedian/Activist Junaid Akram is Raising His Voice On Education in Pakistan

Pakistani YouTuber Junaid Akram

Education is the most important thing for the growth of a nation. It is what brings innovation, knowledge and “tabdeeli” we all talk about. As of right now, the education system in Pakistan is in Shambles and little is being done to better it. Pakistani YouTuber Junaid Akram, along with some of his YouTuber friends are trying their best to educate Pakistan.

Let me first give you a little background on Junaid Akram

Who Is Junaid Akram

Junaid Akram is a Pakistani born guy like you and me, who in search of a better future went to UAE. He started by waiting tables and walking miles to job interviews in vain. He later became a big shot broker and was doing quite well for himself. Along with being a successful broker he also dabbled in stand-up comedy. I personally have seen his shows and he is hilarious.

This Pakistani YouTuber Junaid Akram is the kinda guy who takes risks. And he took a big one when he left his life in the UAE behind to come to Pakistan and make it the country he always wanted it to be.

Well, now that you know who Junaid Akram is let start with what he has done for Pakistan.

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His Efforts For His Homeland

His forefront cause is to better the education of Pakistan. And he is doing a swell job. Junaid Akram is not alone and has motivated a lot of people to help in through donations and or time. I remember one of his projects very clearly. He renovated an entire government school along with a fellow comedian/Youtuber Mubeen-ul-Haq from ‘Beekar Films’. The duo went on the months-long journey of ridding the school from trash, raising the walls so no illegal activities can happen inside. And also fixed up the courtyard and the bathrooms. They also did some work in the classrooms as well. They even went around in the neighborhood telling parents to enroll their children into the school because it is being fixed. And guess what the enrollment rate doubled and the school was filled with smiling children.

Watching this all unfold on snapchat was an amazing experience for me and it inspired me to be better myself.

It is without a doubt a step in the right direction and we at Parhlo salute Mr. Akram with his efforts. This Pakistani YouTuber Junaid Akram has not only focused on the education systems but has focused on the general ‘AWAAM ‘ of Pakistan as well. He believes in the power of books. Mr. Akram believes that reading books, not just fiction but ones that open up your brain and make you think, is the way to betterment. Well, I couldn’t agree with him more.

Books are something that has been lost on us and it is good to see someone grabbing the torch and leading the way. Mr. Akram uses his Youtube channel and other Social Media platforms to spread awareness on social issues, any projects he is doing and of course education.

Junaid Akram Using Social Media For Good

His youtube Channel has a lot of things, from commentary on normal events like a cricket match to serious injustices. He covers a wide variety of topics on his Youtube channel. Though he uploads rarely, his podcast quite consists and is really fun and informative to watch. The people he brings on are funny, admirable and intellectual.

In his recent podcasts, he has talked about education, which as I mentioned before is the forefront of his work.

The first video I would like to talk about is the one where he took a 9th standard course book of computer science.

Now, Mr. Akram exclaims in the video that the book is the same, literally unchanged from the book he studied in 1999. His take on the subject was that India is light years ahead of us educational vise. In the same video, he says that many of the University level computer science and Medical books are of Indian authors. And being a Medical Student myself I can testify his claim and say that he is right about the medical course books.

Below is the video, I talked about.

Importance Of Innovating Our Education

As Junaid Akram said in the video that we need to buff up our way of teaching. And need to revisit our curriculums, I too believe that it needs to happen. I think you too can agree with Junaid Akram here.

STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) STEM is the future of education. Finland a country which was in the dumps education vise rose from the ashes because of STEM education. STEM education is basically teaching not with theory but with hands-on experiences. Since us, humans are interactive individuals we learn things quickly when we learn them hands-on. That is why learning sports and video games are so easy than say learning science.

Hands-On Learning is fun, effective and is overall better for the future of our country. STEM 360 is an amazing startup that focuses on teaching children the STEM way and not the conventional way. Being close to someone who works there I can vouch that they are doing something for Pakistan along with Junaid Akram.

The Podcast of Junaid Akram talking to the Co-Founder of STEM360

With people like Junaid Akram, Mubeen-ul-Haq, Shehzad Roy and with organizations like the Citizen Foundation and STEM360, who are working so hard for the betterment of Pakistan’s youth, the least we can do is help them share their message. It is absolutely remarkable the work Junaid Akram is doing for education in Pakistan. It should inspire everyone to follow in his footsteps. I know it has inspired me to follow in his footsteps. We need to be the change we want to see in the world and education should be the top priority of that change.

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I would suggest you follow Junaid Akram on his snapchat if you don’t right now. He regularly uploads interesting information, rants about issues and of course being a comedian funny snaps as well.

Follow him @ganjiswag on snapchat and Instagram.

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