A Complaint Has Been Lodged Against Veena Malik For Harassing Maryam Nawaz On Twitter And This Is Too Much!

Politics in Pakistan is no less than any entertainment these days. The unseriousness of Pakistani politicians towards the country and the unstable situation is blocking the road to progress. From holding others accountable for the current economic condition to throwing filth on each other at different forums, Pakistani politicians have shown their true vile characters over time. In spite of seeing dirty political stances, many Lollywood celebrities have also joined hands with different political parties.

A widely popular name of Pakistan entertainment industry recently became the main highlight because of her severe bash towards a political personality. The celebrity has been receiving a lot of love and support from the virtual awaam and looks like Pakistanis are now aware of the bloody wolves hidden under human skin.

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From where it all started!

Veena Malik, country’s famous film actress, and TV host is gathering a lot of attention on the internet from quite some time now. The actress has been savagely slamming Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN’s) Maryam Nawaz and the former disqualified premier Nawaz Sharif on her Twitter. Pakistanis have been in sheer support of Veena since it all actually started as everyone now knows the reason behind the country’s current economic crises. Some tweets have been shared below!

Ye baat to bilkul theek ki hai!

Remember that statement from Maryam Nawaz? Well, here’s a revised version!

Trolling level 10000!

Bohot hard, bohot hard!

The complaint that caught everyone’s attention!

Well, quom ki so-called beti “Maryam Nawaz” couldn’t bear Veena’s extreme trolling and a complaint was lodged against the actress. A member of the political party PMLN filed a complaint in the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Cyber Wing of Rawalpindi against Veena Malik, for using hateful comments.

Twitter is now full of posts favoring the actress and showing their esteemed support for her. Different Twitter accounts have created a poll asking people who is in favor of who. Veena later shared a screenshot and was pleased to see that more than 90% of Pakistanis were in her favor.

Here’s what Veena tweeted!

 And this is what she had to say on the lodged complaint!

Veena Malik’s patriotism for Pakistan and the love she shows for the armed forces has got her many new Pakistani fans. Talking about the complaint, there has been no update till now. We just hope that Veena carries on with his witty humor and keep standing against the corrupt political alliances.

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