15 Cute Little Things Husbands Do That Wives Love The Most

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Have you been experiencing marriage crisis lately? Is your husband not expressive enough? Bored of waiting for that one text with those magical words? Seems as if love is evaporating and the magic has disappeared?

Well, then it’s time for a reality check! While walking through the same phase in marriage; I one day sat down and evaluated our bond and the result was “Green Signs”, the true embodiment of love.

Love is in the air or has exited in it; ask yourself these following questions to determine the state.

1. Does He Leave The Last Bite For You?


Source: Glee Wikia

If you love something to eat, then only you know the true worth of the last bite, and if your husband saves it while sharing, even though he equally likes it, then you are worth a million to him!

2. Is He The One Putting Your Phone To Charge?


Source: Tumblr

Are you one of those who procrastinates in putting your phone for charging? Well I am and I don’t remember when was the last time I performed the task myself, it is and will always be him.

3. Is He There For All Or Most Of Your Doctor’s Appointments?


Source: memes and gifs

Be it routine check-ups or maternity if he is there with you, then he wants you to read between the lines.

4. Does He Handle The Dirty Jobs For You?


Source: Tumblr

Does he happily collect garbage from home and dump it in the chute so that it saves your hands of the filth? Well, if this is not considered royal treatment then what else would be!

5. Does He Call You From Work?


Source: Elite Daily

How many times he just calls from work to ask what is for dinner or what are you and the baby doing or to just relate his day, and then maybe he hangs up without the magical words. But hey, doesn’t his concern speak volumes of a hidden emotion.

6. Does He Undertake The ‘Herculean Tasks’ For You?


Source: Giphy

You want to lift heavy suitcases or fetch something from the topmost compartment of the cupboard, and he comes to rescue saying “Save your tiny biceps for tiny tasks!” or something similar; so what do you think he implies by that? Ponder, ponder…

7. Baby’s Feeder Ready By Your Side?


Source: Then Comes, Family

Just before leaving for work and if you are asleep he prepares baby’s feeder and keeps it by your side to spare you of the effort and disturbance. Why…?

8. Succumbs To Your Cheap Songs’ List?


Source: Gifrific.com

There is a special list that gets you into the groove that he calls ‘cheap’ yet surrenders to it and lets you play it on repeat. This only happens when you are blindly infatuated with someone, doesn’t it?

9. Is He Himself Around You?


Source: PopSugar

Does he still comfortably fart, burp, crack lame jokes and on a serious note speak his heart out to you? Then nothing has changed, he is your very own!

10. Packs Your Suitcase Like A Pro?


Source: Mozzified

He will pack your suitcase without any assistance from you, just like a mother who is aware of all that is to go inside it.

11. Over Weekend, Lets You Rest?


Source: Giphy

He leaves no stone unturned to make sure that the weekend is yours. Is the baby fed, house cleaned, breakfast ready and are dishes washed before you wake up? Then these are some seriously positive signs!

12. Still Nags Over Food?


Source: Mic

You cook something with all your heart and sweat and he nags over it because it contains that one tiny ingredient that he detests then the baby inside him is still active!

13. Chanting ‘Be Careful’ All The Time?


Source: iCarly Wiki – Wikia

Either while stepping into the kitchen, bathroom and car or anywhere for that sake he will chant “be careful” to you and would repeatedly do so till it irritates the hell out of you, then surely it’s your safety that he is considering.

14. Movie And Snack Partner?


Source: Giphy

Does he watch movies of your choice and no matter how boring it may seem to him he will bear with it till the end or is he a partner to your late night snack cravings? Then in him, you have found a best friend too.

15. No More Fights Please


Source: Tumblr

Has it happened that after days’ long fight he yearns to normalize it all because that is how it is supposed to be and it scares him otherwise, well then you need to sit down for a minute and contemplate over the word with the deepest meaning, LOVE?

As Shakespeare rightly said, “My love’s richer than my tongue” so take a moment and acknowledge his notion about love that he depicts through his actions. If these Greens Signs exist in your life then SO WHAT if he forgets to TELL how much he loves you while demonstrating it to you, so what if he cannot SAY he misses you or cares for you while caring for you in real time.

Don’t fancy the easy way out to express love, time matures, we mature and love matures too so look for those tiny details that are always yelling out loud, “I LOVE YOU AND WILL ALWAYS DO.”

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