History Of Black Friday

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Just a few days back, the “BLACK FRIDAY SALE” proved to be one of the biggest sale galas of the country. Though it is an age old concept of the people of the United States, it is quite a new thing for us Pakistanis. Even then, we seem to have welcomed it with pretty great zeal.

People (including me) went crazy over the huge discounts offered by many retailers. While a lot of citizens took great advantage of it, there were a few people who had their insecurities. The main objection was recorded that Friday, owing to its religious importance in Islam, can never be black. Taking notice of such points a few retailers played safe and named their sales as the White Friday or the Flash Friday sale.


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So why is it called so after all? I mean why BLACK when in reality it is so colorful?


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Black Friday is actually a sale bonanza where retailers offer huge promotional discounts going as low as 50% off their price and sometimes even lower. It is usually the day after Thanksgiving, when people stuffed with turkeys, go out shopping mostly for Christmas. It is basically originated from the United States of America but is now very popular among many other countries mainly the great Britain. The sales serve as a post-Thanksgiving, pre-Christmas shopping event.

This idea of having such an enormous sale sprung out probably in the early 20th century. But at that time it didn’t have a specific name or anything. The term BLACK FRIDAY was first used by the Philadelphia police department in around 1966 for this day. It was because of the disturbing amount of traffic on the roads that resulted in quite a many casualties. Ever since then, the term gained popularity. It went so trending that now the sale day is referred to as the Black Friday.

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