7 Irritating Things That Make You Go “BLAAH!!” In Your Head

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Circumstances don’t usually have to be uber complicated to tick you off, at times all it needs is bad tea and BAM! You have an insipid day. Well, at least with me, a lot of ‘blah’ things can ruffle feathers conveniently.

1. Fast Behind Slow


Source: OneHallyu

How many times have you found yourself pushing your way through lazy walkers and cursing your luck alongside it. You can bump into this lot, anywhere; say office, restaurant, mall, airport, bus stand etc. and it happens especially on days when you are really in a hurry. They can be recognized by their default pattern of walking; they stroll for two minutes, stop for a minute look around and then repeat.

2. Idiotic Elbow Slips


Source: The Housework Can Wait

In everyone’s life, and I shall enunciate “everyone’s”, comes a day when their elbow slips off the edge of the table and no pain out beats this one which births rage and a sudden hatred for life. The queerness of the pain lies in that sudden urge and desire to yell at or spank people around you or your own self.

3. Always And Forever


Source: Vogue

Raise your hand if you are among the crowd who is chagrined at least once in a day by his/her obsession with stumbling and tripping over things. Be it stairs, random knick knacks on the floor, cushion, seat etc.; just name the object. This displeasure comes as part of destiny, no matter how careful they are, something or the other will obstruct their way.

4. Low, Very Low


Source: YourTango

The mother said to call back, she said to call back, he said to call back and that song still remains unheard but then all comes to a perfect halt, why? Because that very moment arrives when you wish to smash your phone against the wall. It is widely known as “Battery Low” which will routinely occur around those urgent moments when you need it to breathe more.

5. K And Fine Is No Language


Source: Goodreads

So you let your heart out to someone over a call or message and cringe with expectation and endless waiting for the aptest answer when in response you get a K or fine, precisely just a one syllable word and oh how it awakens the hulk in you.

6. Close Means Close


Source: Anxiety Problems

Since it is a lazy day and all you want to do is keep lying on your bed, all cuddled up under your blanket and then someone comes to see you. Upon leaving, you to ask them to close your room’s door, well they do bring it closer to being closed and leave it open with that vexing inch’s gap, scoring permanent and eternal hatred in you!

7. That Crease


Source: Bustle

You press your favorite dress with diligent efforts and done it with all happiness and that one crease; that one good-for-nothing wrinkle stays right in front, and breaks your heart into a million pieces.

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