Father’s Day 2019 – How You Can Celebrate It On A Tight Budget!

Father’s Day 2019

Father’s day is just around the corner!

16th June 2019 is the day where we celebrate our fathers and the greatness they bring in our lives. You want to be a part of this special event and give your father the best of both worlds….but your budget isn’t cooperating. However, father’s day 2019 in Pakistan is an anticipated celebration so we will look at plenty of father’s day gift ideas that you can easily manage and afford!

It can be tiring and painful to look into your wallet and see a couple of coins and a bunch of bugs fly out. But fear not! It’s the thought that matters or at least that’s what we comfort ourselves with.

This is an important day but then again giving presents to your parents isn’t always about the quality of the gift. It’s about the love you put into it. That is what matters to parents.

Father’s Day 2019 Gift Ideas That Fall In Your Budget:

Here are a couple of father’s day gift ideas to keep in mind:


No, we don’t mean the expensive kind from Liberty Books but the ones that you can get from these vendors or the streets. Usually, the average cost is about 150 rupees for these second-hand books. Most of the time, the pages aren’t torn or yellow as well.

You can easily find a decent looking book in your price range.

However, this is only applicable if you know for sure that your father will read the book. This option really just goes to the dads that love reading.

Be careful.

But there are still a variety of books you can choose from, that might interest him. That can include short stories, picture books, etc.


Pakistanis love giving out cards, especially during Eid, as that is a way of caring and showing affection. You can do the same for this grand day too! Father’s day cards are the best thing to consider in a strict budget. Well, to be honest, parents love reading heartfelt messages from their kids.

Instead of sending him a message on Whatsapp, why not make an extra effort and decorate a card yourself?

Source: Notonthehighstreet

It’ll make a bigger impact and is a thoughtful way of saying ‘I appreciate you’. We know that our parents are old and still stick to the traditional ways. So, they appreciate physical effort better rather than sending in a message digitally.

They want to interact with their children as much as possible. Considering we’re celebrating father’s day in Pakistan, a card is a must!

Handmade Gifts:

Do we even need to stress this one? This is the epitome of kindness for parents. It doesn’t matter to them how old you get, if you bring in a handmade item they’ll use it like there’s no tomorrow!

Father’s day date is coming close so you’d better hurry up!

Also, please don’t get stuck in this loop of ‘I can’t cook because I am a guy’. Bake something for your dad! Gender doesn’t matter and as we’ve said before as well. It’s the thought that counts.

Source: That Sweet Gift/ By Jane

Look up some tutorials on Youtube to make friendship bracelets or homemade chocolate. Moreover, nothing beats the happy expression once you surprise him with a handmade gift!

We understand not everyone can have loving parents. So, if you have a person that you look up to as a father figure then you can always give gifts to them! Not everyone is blessed with caring parents that they share blood with.

And that is okay!

A One-On-One Conversation:

Just imagine leaving everything behind and sitting down to have a serious and heartfelt conversation with your dad. Can be a bit awkward? Well, probably because it is something that we never do.

However, you need to take this day as an excuse to do so. Use the power of father’s day to communicate with your dad and remind him of his importance in your life.

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This is a recommended option even if you don’t have a tight budget. Offering your company and communicating with your parents one-on-one is something they wish for.

This can easily strengthen your bond with your dad.

You can tell him how grateful you are to have him in your life. Talk about your achievements or future plans. Give him movie recommendations or help him out with something.

Offer your existence. Every parent just wants to have a hearty talk with their children.

Make a Video or Slideshow:

Once again, let’s spice up father’s day 2019 as we Pakistani’s love to be extra. Why not make an actual slideshow or video showing how much you love and appreciate your dad!?

Source : Tubular Insights

You can include childhood pictures, important memories, and a sweet message at the end. The length shouldn’t matter. You can easily find an editing software online but the best one is Windows Movie Maker. It doesn’t cost anything and is super simple to use.

Add in your dad’s favorite music in the background. Or make the whole thing funnier so that the entire family can enjoy! You can use PowerPoint too, as it is the easiest way you can make a slideshow and in seconds as well!

Pick out a certain memory and start it from there. You can make it informational, emotional, or funny. It all depends on you. All the video should do is just touch the hearts of the person watching, which it will (Of course because it’s your dad!)

Regardless, a lot of us are shying away or using the excuse of ‘being busy’ to actually care and celebrate.

Yes, we can be busy but these events do hold significance to the parents because this is a day where they can be celebrated.

With years of raising you and you can’t even celebrate a day for them? That can be hurtful.

We hope these tips and ideas can help you celebrate the day with even more enthusiasm. Forget the fact that you can’t purchase a luxury tie or perfume. You need to find the beauty in small things!

Comment below what you are giving to your father for this coming father’s day? Are you planning on going somewhere for father’s day and looking for ways to get a decent present? We’re curious so tell us all about your plan!

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