This 60-Year-Old ‘Fake Peer’ Impregnated 700 Women By Force & Doesn’t Know A Thing About Islam!

It is truly the end of times where people commit heinous crimes in the name of Islam. It has become quite rampant where mostly men pretending to be the ‘chosen ones’ who have special abilities gifted from Allah SWT, destroying the lives of several women, men and children by their fake treatments. Men are also disguising themselves as religious clerics that have the special blessings of Allah to cure people of their diseases fooling innocent women and young girls making them a target of their unholy desires.

A Man Who Cannot Even Utter A Single ‘Kalma’ Sexually Harassed And Raped 700 Women Including One 10-Year-Old Girl.

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The video will send chills down to your toes when you hear the confessions of this 60-year-old fake peer. He is asked by the interviewer about his knowledge on Islam and when he is asked if he knows the Kalmas including the number of rakats in every prayer, he seems to be completely unaware of it all.

Upon asking how he abused those women, he answered indifferently that he would first give them some medicine and then rub his hands all over their bodies for 15 minutes. He didn’t even spare a 10-year-old girl that was sick and came for treatment. He sexually abused her scarring her for the rest of her life. He isn’t the first fake peer to make an utter fool of others. Recently, one such scammer made women kiss his feet.

Watch This Disgusting Man Confess To Unimaginable Crimes Against Naive Women!


Moreover, those women who will resist or threaten to expose him were given death threats. He would tell them he would send unseen entities to kill them. What’s baffling is the illiteracy of true teachings of Islam that has allowed such fake peers to misguide unlearned people into darkness only to fulfill their own lust and sinful desires.

This old man does not seem to fear Allah the least bit, nor does he show any shame while revealing his dirty deeds. How easily and casually he says that I seek forgiveness of those girls that I sexually abused. There is a dire need of a nation-wide crackdown on such bigots that are shamelessly working under the umbrella of religion, exploiting people.

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