Bainbridge Head Transplant: AI’s New Adventure

Bainbridge Head Transplant AI’s New Adventure

Bainbridge, a US-based bioengineering firm, has just released an animated video. The video showcases robots detaching the head from one body and re-attaching it to another.

Source: BrainBridge / SWNS

The bioengineering firm has been in a static mode but is now convinced to take its experiment to the next level. The firm has developed a mechanism to deal with patients. The aim is to aid patients with paralysis and neurodisabilities.

The recipient will require a donor’s body; the aim is to preserve the recipient’s consciousness, memory, and cognitive abilities.

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The firm aims to use high-tech, highly efficient, AI-based machinery. The use of such machinery is to ensure quick transplants, minimize brain cell degradation, and ensure head and body compatibility.

According to Hashem Al-Ghaili, project lead, the machinery used for the system uses a strong AI algorithm.

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