Google’s New AI Camera; the Battle between Google and Open AI Intensives

Google's New AI Camera; the Battle between Google and Open AI Intensives

Google has just introduced its all-new AI camera. The launch of the new tool is to assist users in locating their belongings. Google’s announcement is a chain of technological development in a market war against Open AI.

The new version will allow users to interact with Chat-GPT more humanly. It will look, think, and make sense of what it sees with the AI camera.

Source: Google

It’s part of a project called Project Astra that Google made it. Google officials said that the AI camera would be working with Gemini.

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Project Astra will enable the camera to record the user’s every motion. The applications will analyze and synthesize the visuals. The new AI app sets the visuals according to the user’s daily pattern.

The users will find it convenient to relocate its lost items such as car keys or a missing chip from a CPU or mobile with the help of the app. The app will also aid students in solving mathematical problems.
The officials stated that the application comprehends the complex human pattern to respond rapidly.

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