Coca-Cola Under-Fire for its Bangladeshi Advertisement

Coca-Cola Under-Fire for its Bangladeshi Advertisement

Already diseased company Coca-Cola is under-fire for its new advertisement in Bangladesh. Amid the Israel-Palestinian war ( October 7th) many companies are facing boycott campaigns by Muslims worldwide.

In a recent bit, Coca-Cola tried to sideline itself from Israel. Facing a boycott for its alliance with Israel. he company has a loss of 23%, The advertisement.     

Places in a local Bazar, the advertisement depicts a local boy contesting Coca-Cola for its affiliation with Israel (No direct reference to Israel). The shopkeeper defends Coca-Cola.

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It is undeniable that Coca-Cola has its outlets in Israel. What stirred the people was Coke’s presence in Palestine. Contrary to reality, Coca-Cola’s plant in the West Bank of Palestine is currently under Israeli occupation.

Total marketing disaster.

The advertisement-airing between the India-Pakistan cricket match this Sunday. It is important to raise an eye on, how was Coca-Cola not-able to anticipate Bangladeshi public sentiment.

Coca-Cola’s Bangladesh’s demand has a fallen-marketing disaster.

Rage is found in social-media users. Actor-in-lead took it to X, calling the advertisement – completely – professional conduct.

Originally Coke removed the advertisement from YouTube only to be re-uploaded with comments disabled.      

Even academia is disappointed with Coke advertisements. Omer Naif Abdullah, lecturer, North-South University, Dhaka, states, “Wrong message and wrong approach”

An unforgivable mistake in the marketing world.

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