7 Things that make “Sex Talk” with Desi Parents a Nightmare!

ASTAGFIRULLAH!! HARAM HARAM!… the basic key words associated with sex. It’s quite literally every parents worst nightmare, the “Sex Talk”. Although out of all of them around the world, desi parents reactions are the funniest. Like seriously, how they get all shy and awkward around their kids if the topic of SEX comes up. It’s quite a big part of just about every humans life, but it has a big NO NO labeled on to it in a desi household.

1.When they hear you say the “S” word for the first time


source: mashallahtumblr.com

2.They are always awkward and do not know where to start


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3. If you ever do bring up the topic, their reactions are rather hilarious


source: buzzfeed.com

4. And if they catch you talking about it to your friends..


source: youthconnect

5. They’ll accept their kids smoking up but sex talk is a no no? Hypocritical much?

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6. And if they catch you doing any sort of hanky panky…


source: viralstories.in

7. “Where do babies come from” only has one answer…



7. Sex Education Is Haram!… “Qayamat ke asaar hain yeh sab”


source: indiandramey


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