6 Things You Need To Learn To Become A Better Person In Life

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Everybody in this world craves betterment. It doesn’t matter if it is in their personality, their financial status, their talent or in any other possible aspect of life. As for betterment in behavior, it is a fact that we learn from our surroundings and we are recognized by how we behave. If you don’t know how to deal with matters, your beauty and expensive accessories have no value.

This temporary world is occupied with so much negativity and terror, that it needs more love to neutralize the massive negativity. You might have experienced that even our inner soul forces us to take those steps towards betterment. Then why not to follow our own instincts?

There are certain things you can keep in mind while evaluating your own self.

1. You must start by accepting yourself



Accepting yourself is important. Accept yourself the way you are and don’t deny any fact about yourself. You are good, that’s brilliant. You are bad, that’s okay. You still have chances to change your way. It is you and you are the only version of yourself in this world. No matter what, nobody can replace you. Embrace your reality and know yourself as much as you can before anyone else.

2. Remain who you are, being a replica won’t help


Source: lyric2life

Once you know who and what you are. You must accept it and when you accept it, you must own it. No matter what people say, don’t lose your own sense of self, because this is the only way that leads you towards an internal revolution. Be yourself but avoid hurting others’ feeling. Heartaches and humiliations can never be justified, no doubt. So even if you are a moron, hold it. Change comes after acceptance.

3. Accept others for who they are, nobody’s perfect!


Source: Identity Magazine

Once you accept yourself, you will get to know that accepting others the way they are is equally important. Everybody has their own battles to fight so if you can think people should understand you, you should understand people first. Let them be what they are and don’t criticize.

4. You must understand that everything happens for a reason


Source: Goodreads

You may feel that people don’t understand you and nobody can feel what you feel. But have you ever thought that the other people think the same way? You should only expect what you, yourself, give. If you have reasons, everybody has reasons. Try to be empathetic.

5. Spread love, positive feelings are key!


Source: Tenor

We people are so hungry for attention and love. Wherever we go, we want to be praised and to be the center of attention. But try to acknowledge the pleasure of giving. Give attention to people around you, give them love, talk to them, give them time, praise them every now and then without being jealous and then look at their faces. Give all the things you expect from others first. People are as needy as you are but it depends on who takes the first step as a giver. Be your own hero because you are the one who can lead the way of your life.

6. Modify yourself from whatever you’ve learnt!


Source: Active Minds Blog

Change is difficult, but once you take the first step, it is all smooth. Focus on the good things that exist in you more than the bad things. Acknowledge your white and black sides and do not discriminate between them. Once you are done with strengthening the good and weakening the bad, you have more space for adaptation. Take a deep look in our collar before taking digs at others.

This is difficult, no doubt. But where there is a will there is a way. We all are in different fights in our own selves and we all need space. Become better friends and spread love. May Allah help you.

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