This Girl Destroys The Pakistani Concept Of ‘Gharelu Bahus’ and How Women Are Treated

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The moment a young lady breathes in her underlying, to some degree, excellent future starts to take its shape in the minds of every nearby relative. Splendid? Why yes, her marriage to the best man a family can find, imagining her in the brilliant sparkly red flawless shaadi dress on her huge day. Just envision it for a moment, excellent? Isn’t the photograph splendid now? Rules for the perfect bahus.

To such a degree, to the point that her own dreams and longings obscure as opposed to the reason for total insignificance.

Directly it’s real that not all families bolster such lead but instead, oh goodness, after marriage it’s unavoidably much harder for women to adjust. Early social unions on occasions render them in a state of a daze with the affirmation of the obligation that takes after.

Why wouldn’t we be able to decide for ourselves? Why do we have to limit ourselves to the standards of this purported society which ruthlessly discards proclamations like ‘achay rishtay toh miltay nahe hain 24 saal ki umar ke baad.’

Contemplate it for a second, why when contrasted with the ‘very great celestial folks’… can get hitched twice or even thrice… notwithstanding when they have genuine crossed their 40s. Truly? (All of you know, it’s valid). Be that as it may, the blame comes shattering down for the young lady as it were. Why? ‘Izzat ka sawaal hai’.



No offense expected to all the ‘outside relatives’…however, your conclusions are truly not requested. On an individual note, I want to rewind time and adhere to the age where every single young lady simply went to weddings and had a great time. Much to their dismay, a couple of years down the line they would have been pushed into a similar chasm of supreme, never destroying gibberish.

A single word; rubbish. Yes, each young lady ought to get hitched sooner or later or the other yet the normal mentality of our own general public is the motivation behind why young ladies, unfortunately, can’t accomplish or venture past their given cutoff points. This is the age where we ought to be amped up for turning 23-24 in light of individual reasons each girl has. For her own LIFE. Perused and over and imprint it. Her OWN DECISIONS. HER LIFE. HER CHOICES.


Source: The Diaries of a Type A Female

You’re amped up for your birthday since you’re going to be turning 23-34. In other words, ‘now you’ve entered that age where you need to careful of everything. If important, even breathing around people’.

Energy goes down the drain when your own family is continually bothered about how ‘this is the time’. For hell’ sake NO. This is the time you have any kind of effect, begin well ordered. Not everyone has to be hitched when they’re 23-24 or even more. The girl has an entire life anticipating for her outside this certain restricted age bracket and of course the societal weight.

Achay rishtay nahe ayeinge. Age nikal jayegi. Larkay nahe milainge. Aj kal ke zamanay mai yehi age hai iske baad nahe atay rishtay. Not this era, please. Talking about which, let ladies settle on their very own choices. It’s her LIFE. She can get married even when she’s 30 and trust me she can be upbeat all alone. We should not put on a show to not know anyone who’s married and not happy.


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A few cases, yes. A few cases, maybe no. You can’t in any way, shape, form or anticipate that a lady will put a conclusion to her life on baseless grounds that – ab toh achay rishtay nahe ayeinge meri shaadi nahe hogi.

Moms, educate your girls to be sufficiently solid to remain all alone, to have the quality to talk up. SPEAK UP. You get the opportunity to choose. You settle on your choices and they are your very own choices. Keeping the whole regard of your folks and its payback time. Indeed, shaadi is not by any stretch of the imagination “paying back to all that your folks have accomplished for you”.

Everybody needs the best for their kids: concurred. The question here is; the reason can’t this be connected to whatever other angle and just rotates around ‘shaadi karni hai’?


Source: India Forums

Concerning men out there, this isn’t just about us. All of you are similarly some portion of this condition. Talk about a man’s marriage? I have a response to that; they should be monetarily steady. So like ladies can’t do that all alone? They’re not sex machines to deliver kids at home and take into account the requirements to their significant other and the rest takes after. Permit them to relax.

Aapki beti ki shaadi is imperative, however, these days it’s more similar to a weight since damn “age nikal rahi hai”. You slaughter their fantasies. Guardians won’t understand it but rather yes. You’re shattering that young lady back to the front and unfortunately some surrender towards the end since goodness ‘log kya kahainge’.

Proceeding, let’s observe when ‘rishtay walay aye hain’. She’s not a workmanship piece you’re putting a cost on. The idea of larki dekhni hai. NO. You have no privilege to judge her on what she wears, regardless of whether she knows how to cook, how she talks if she’s excessively cutting edge, or if she’s excessively customary. That is not for you to choose.


Source: ViralStories

Men, place yourself in our shoes for only one moment and envision the sort of shattering minute it can be the point at which you know somebody is truly ‘looking at you’. Yes. Experienced it. Larkon ki regarded moms, you’re searching for a decent fair bahu, act that way. You’re not offered choices to pick the best like some of them do. It’s not a shopping store where you’re flipping through your most loved marked kurtas and your needs to locate the ideal fit.

There’s significantly more than that to a lady and her life. Is she not entirely enough? Approved. Is she exceptionally fat? Approved. Is she excessively thin? Approved. Does this matter to you? On the off chance that yes, please think of consistent and sane answers and not some run of the mill explanations expressing on the grounds that ‘log dekhainge ghar ki bahu ko’.

Apologies, your child may very well be the inverse. Permit this, permit the young ladies to go and meet the person and check him start to finish. Will you cook? No, ladies should do that. A young lady needs to bow down for an initial couple of years and tune into everything. Why? She’s not a robot, she’s somebody’s little girl and you may have one as well.

Reconsider before you venture into a house and make the young lady feel as though she’s some masterful painting that must be flawless regardless. No, you don’t have the privilege to try and give her those looks if she’s straightforward about her propensities and XYZ habits. Acknowledge her, or thump on another entryway and discover your child as a blessed messenger.

All that giggly grinning, that moves quickly over your face when the eldest one lets you know you’re next. Uh. No. She’s grown up, way more sensible and can choose for herself. Give us a chance to relax. Give us a chance to decide for ourselves. Treat us like typical people. Give her work, give her a chance to investigate past her creative abilities.


Source: iDiva

She merits that, because once she’s wedded, then it is the usual ‘bas chup karke sun Lena aagay se jawab nahe Dena chahay woh kuch bhi bolay’. Confidence. Self-respect.  Rings a bell? Yes. Thump that into your head. Shaadi is not by any means the only arrangement.

Take a stand, young ladies. All of you are superior to the mindset of this general public. That’s all anyone needs to know.

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