8 Things All Couples Do In Their Honeymoon Phase

If you have ever been in a relationship then you must know that every relationship goes through a series of phases. Some we enjoy, others we don’t. And then there is this one phase we all wish we could go back to, such as the honeymoon phase. I mean, who doesn’t want to go back to receiving unlimited and undivided attention from their bae, am I right?

If you are in a relationship or are a newlywed then you will definitely be able to relate to all of these.

1. Staring At Bae’s Face Way Longer Than Needed

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Most of the honeymoon phase of a relationship is spent memorizing every little detail of his face. It doesn’t even matter if you guys are in public or that you basically look like a giddy girl. You stare away, girl. You do what makes you smile.

2. Having Someone Call Out His Name

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Swooning when you hear your bae’s name, it is pretty normal. We have all been there. Still are. We just hide it better now.

3. Getting Unbearably Sad If You Have To Spend ‘Some’ Time Apart

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Not that you would want to spend a lot of time apart in the honeymoon phase of your relationship but sometimes, duty calls. Those long AF family dinners at your khala or phuppi’s place feel like the end of the world when you know you would rather be spending time with your S.O. But what can you do? (BTW, how cute is that doggo?)

4. When You Tell Your Friends All About Your Bae’s Achievements

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Like the fact that he is 6-feet tall and that he can grow a full beard. *Mentally high-fiving bae’s parents*

5. Being 7 Months Deep On Bae’s Instagram And Finding An Ex’s Comments

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You could lie and tell me you haven’t done that. But then again, it would be a lie.

6. Doing The Randomest Sh*t to Make Bae Laugh

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Come on, you know you have had to do some silly things just to hear that laugh.

Totally worth it.

7. Potty Breaks During Phone Calls Can Make You Impatient

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I am probably going to get a lot of hate for all of this but for my sisters that can relate to all of these, this one is for you. If you can’t relate, now would be a good place to stop.

Granted you hang up the phone if you have to make a nature-trip but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to hurry the process so that you can call your new and shiny S.O back.

8. When Bae Breaks Out The Black Shalwar Kameez For The First Time

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Them rolled up sleeves? It really is an important milestone in a relationship. Need I say more, ladies?

Though this stage in a relationship varies for most people, it is more or less the same. Some of us are going through this phase while some of us are just reminiscing. Which one are you?

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