Pakistanis Are Boycotting Beaconhouse School And It’s Getting Out of Hands

Private schools in Pakistan are under the bus off and on due to numerous reasons. Sometimes due to their fee structures but most of the times, it is due to the curriculum they are teaching to students. This time, it is Beaconhouse School System people are after.

Pakistani Twitter space trended #BoycottBeaconhouse on social media while accusing the school of treason against Pakistan.

It All Started With the Emergence of An Exam Students Were Given In Class

The question highlighted calls India victorious over Pakistan in the 1965 and 1971 wars respectively.

The School Was Then Accused of Brainwashing Pakistani Youth While Fulfilling the Indian Narrative

Pakistanis also demanded the current government to take a look at this matter.

The Outrage Got #BoycottBeaconhouse To Trend on Twitter

Alongside This, People Started Questioning How a Non-Muslim’s Writing of Pakistan Studies Is Being Taught to Students in Pakistan

‘Anti-Muslim and Anti-Islam’ was used to highlight the author of the book.

And Also Because It Is Written by a ‘Non-Pakistan’…

And Here’s More!

Eventually, People Started Speaking On How This Hashtag is Total Bogus and a Narrative Against the School Itself

One Said How This Line of Questioning Allows Students to Analyze and Comprehend As Per Their Own Understanding

The O level practices allow students to give answers in their own understanding, typically something which is not practiced in the BISE system, implementing how students have the liberty to answer questions like these as per their knowledge.

Sara Taseer, Whose Family Is Deeply Associated with Beaconhouse System Finally Spoke On It As Well

The school has yet to pass an official statement regarding this fiasco. Beaconhouse has previously managed to save themselves from all the outrage (remember they dissed Punjabi as a language?) they experienced, but let’s see how they address this one.


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